The fart is mostly liver disease? Liver disease, the body may appear 1 itching 2 red, do not ignore

Farting is a normal physiological reaction. Generally speaking, if the number of farts in a day does not exceed 10, it is not abnormal, so there is no need to be too nervous. Some people release a lot of them in a short period of time, thinking that there is something wrong with their body, and it is easy to think too much.

Some people think that farting is a manifestation of body detoxification. Farting can eliminate toxins and garbage in the body and maintain The environment in the body, in fact, what farts discharge is useless gas in the body, but it is not necessarily toxins.

There is also a saying that excessive farting is related to poor liver function. It is because the liver function has deteriorated, and I am afraid that I will get liver disease, so is excessive fart a manifestation of liver disease?

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Is the fart a liver disease?

There are many reasons for farting too much. A normal person farts about 10 times a day. It’s not absolute, some people don’t fart or fart less. There are also people who give up a lot in a day, which is beyond the normal range, but there is no need to worry about it.

More farting is related to liver disease, but it does not mean that you will have liver disease. There are many factors that lead to more farting , It may be related to the food you eat, or it may be a problem with the stomach.

Generally speaking, farts caused by food are mostly accidental and do not happen often, so in a short time If you have a lot of farts, you don’t need to worry too much, but if you fart frequently for a long time, and the farts are very smelly, you might as well observe the stool.

Too much fart At the same time, if the stool is also abnormal, it may be a problem with the stomach. After excluding the stomach problem, it is necessary to check the liver to see if there is a problem with the liver.


Liver disease, the body will appear 1 itching 2 red, don’t ignore

< span>【1 Itching】: Skin itching

Speaking of skin Itching, many people think of skin diseases, in fact, in addition to skin diseases, skin itching may also be related to liver lesions. Clinically, pruritus is one of the typical features of liver lesions.

After liver function declines, bile secretion will be affected, and bile salts in bile combine with bilirubin, etc. It will flow back into the blood, and as the blood circulates to the whole body, the bilirubin will stimulate the sensory nerve endings of the skin, causing skin itching.

Skin itching caused by liver lesions It is stubborn and will not be relieved by itself, and the use of antipruritic drugs will not work, and it will even affect normal life, leading to insomnia and depression, and it is necessary to seek medical examination in time.

【2 Red】: liver palm, abnormal bleeding< /span>

The so-called liver palm refers to the abnormal red spots or plaques on the thenar part of the palm. Careful observation will reveal extended connections Pieces of arterioles.

It will turn white after pressing, and turn red again after releasing it. Abnormal red nevus, there are a large number of fine blood vessels around it, so it is related to the decline of liver functionLow endocrine disorders are related.

Abnormal bleeding mainly manifests as gums And epistaxis, even hematemesis, the frequency will increase with time. Occasional gum or nasal bleeding may be related to getting angry, but if it occurs frequently, it is not caused by getting angry.

After the liver function declines, the blood coagulation function will become lower. Because the blood cannot be coagulated normally, abnormal bleeding is prone to occur If there is hematemesis, it means that the liver damage is more serious.


Do less of the two liver-damaging behaviors, and eat more of the two liver-protecting foods

Like drinking at night

Many people like to drink at night Drinking beer and eating barbecue at night is not friendly to the liver. Whether it is alcohol or the fat in the barbecue, it needs to be metabolized by the liver before it can be absorbed by the body, so it will also increase the burden on the liver and damage liver cells.

Like Stay up all night

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that 11:00~1:00 in the evening is when Qi and blood enter The time for the liver is also the time for the liver to rest. If you always stay up late, the liver will not be able to recover, and the liver will be damaged over time.

Eat more protein-rich meat

Beef and chicken contain less fat but more protein. Often eating protein-rich meat can provide a lot of The amino acid composition provides the liver with raw materials for protein synthesis.

Eat more vegetables and fruits< /p>

Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and dietary fiber, which can promote the body’s metabolism, reduce the metabolic burden of the liver and the pressure of detoxification.