The eighth wave of the new crown outbreak in France, the incidence of children soared

The French public health agency has warned that the spread of the new coronavirus continues to increase in almost all regions, and France is welcoming an eighth wave of the epidemic. Authorities have started to vaccinate people with a new vaccine against the mutated Omicron virus since the 3rd.

France’s COVID-19 outbreak has experienced several rebounds since the beginning of 2022, falling to very low levels at the end of August, but since September Since then, the epidemic has resurfaced again. Among children under the age of 10, the incidence increased sharply in the weeks after school started, and in all other age groups.

Rising COVID-19 cases and the continued spread of the virus have put pressure on hospitals, with the number of hospitalized patients, including critically ill, rising for the second week in a row. Covid-19 deaths increased by 5% in one week.

In light of the accelerating spread of the new coronavirus, the French Public Health Agency emphasizes more than ever the need for a booster dose of the coronavirus vaccine. The French public health agency has warned that if vulnerable people have been vaccinated against the new crown for a long time, the effectiveness of preventing serious infection will decline, and their hospitalization rate may rise.

France has entered the cold season, and in addition to the new coronavirus, this climate is also conducive to the spread of other respiratory viruses, influenza viruses and bronchitis.

Source: Phoenix Satellite TV Li Mengwei Mo Ye reported in Paris

Editor: Erya Wang