The difference between Mengding Ganlu and Mengding Huangya

Some friends often ask what is the difference between Mengding Ganlu and Mengding Huangya. In fact, the difference between the two is still very big.

Mengdingshan tea has a history of artificial cultivation for more than 2,000 years and a history of tribute tea for more than 1,000 years. my country’s famous tea treasures. There are many varieties of Mengding Mountain tea, mainly including Mengding Ganlu, Mengding Huangya, Mengding Shihua, Yuye Changchun, Wanchun Yinye and other five traditional historical famous teas. Among them, Mengding Ganlu and Mengding Huangya are the most famous. It is the representative of Mengdingshan tea high-end tea. Mengding Ganlu and Mengding Huangya are both produced in the Mengdingshan tea area in Ya’an, but they have their own characteristics due to their different production techniques, color, aroma, taste and shape, and are favored by consumers.

I. Different types of tea p>

Mengding Ganlu is a green tea. It is the earliest curly-shaped famous green tea in China and is a leader in Chinese green tea.

Mengding Huangya is a yellow tea, which is one of the earliest yellow tea products in China. Excellent tea.

Second, the creation time is different p>

“Ganlu”, as the name of tea, was first seen in “Yudi Jisheng” compiled by Wang Xiangzhi in the third year of Baoqing, Lizong of the Southern Song Dynasty (AD 1227). The entry “Yazhou·Mengshan” records: “Shangqing Peak has nectar tea, and there are often auspicious images on the mountain.” This is the earliest record of Ganlu tea we have found so far, dating back nearly 900 years.

After the third year of Jiaxi (1239), Zhu Mu wrote “Fang Yu Sheng Lan” “Yazhou· “Mengshan” entry records: “The nectar tea produced on the shore of Shangqing, there are often auspicious clouds and images.” The “Sichuan General Chronicle” compiled by Emperor Shizong of Jiajing in the 20th year (1541), in which “Yazhou·Mengshan” The entry records: “Shangqing Peak produces nectar”, which is in the same line as “Yudi Jisheng” and “Fangyu Shenglan”.

The history of Mengding Huangya can be traced back to the Tang and Song Dynasties. The name of Huang Ya was first seen in the “Tea Spectrum” written by Mao Wenxi of Shu before the Five Dynasties: “If there is a piece of Jia, it is an early spring yellow bud”, “Tea has before fire, after fire, tender leaves and yellow buds”. The starting year of Huang Ya’s creation is unknown, but from the comparison of picking and production methods, it should be similar to Mengding stone flower.

Third, different quality characteristics p>

▲Mengding Ganlu Dry Tea

▲Mengding Ganlu Tea Soup< /span>

(1) Mengding Ganlu: “Green Leaf Green Soup”, overall features: green color, high fragrance , Delicious and crisp. Endoplasmic characteristics: clear, fresh, sweet and cool.

1. Color: light green and oily;

2. Aroma: fresh and fragrant;

3. Taste: sweet, fresh and mellow;

4. Shape: tightly rolled and more millimeters;

5. The bottom of the leaf: elegant and fresh.

▲Mengding Yellow Bud Dry Tea

▲Mengding Huangya Tea Soup

(2) Mengding Yellow Bud: “Huang Ye Huang Tang”, overall characteristics: yellow color, sweet and fresh, sweet and mellow, flat and straight in shape. Endoplasmic characteristics: sweet, fresh, mellow, cool.

1. Color: buttery grain.

< span>2. Aroma: sweet, fresh and fragrant.

3. Taste: Glycolic and refreshing.

4. Shape: buds are fat and straight.

5. Leaf base: fat, tender and light yellow.

Four, the raw material standards of fresh leaves are different

Mengding Ganlu tea is delicately picked and picked every spring equinox, the standard is single bud or one bud and one leaf At the beginning of the exhibition, the raw material of the premium Mengding manna requires a solid, plump single bud.

The requirements for fresh leaves of Mengding yellow buds are strict, and they are picked at the spring equinox, without fish leaves and scales. The solid and fat buds of the leaves require the buds to be uniform in length and size, so the raw materials are more rare.

V. Different production techniques p>

Mengding Ganlu is made by green tea method. After the fresh leaves are greened, they must be rolled three times and stir-fried three times. Compared with ordinary green tea, Mengding Ganlu is more fresh and refreshing. The processing process is as follows: fresh leaves → spread → greening → initial kneading → initial drying (fried two greens) → re-kneading → second baking (three greens fried) → three kneading → shaping and lifting → drying.

Mengding Huangya adopts the method of making yellow tea. Stuffing yellow is the key process to form the quality characteristics of Mengding yellow buds. The processing process is as follows: fix greening → initial packaging → re-frying → re-packing → three-frying → stacking and spreading → four-frying → baking. This is also where the production process of Mengding Huangya and Mengding Ganlu is obviously different.

Liu Zhonghua, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and doctoral supervisor of Hunan Agricultural University, pointed out that the purpose of dull yellow is to promote yellow leaves It is beneficial to the mechanism of damp-heat action to form the quality characteristics of yellow tea “sweet, fresh, mellow and refreshing”. The dull yellow reduces the content of chlorophyll and increases the content of amino acids, so that the “phenol-to-ammonia ratio” is lower than that of green tea, and the taste is more mellow, so that the content of complex catechins in tea polyphenols is significantly lower than that of green tea, and the content of simple catechins is higher than green tea. Coupled with the recovery of enzyme activity in the later stage, the resulting microbial action mechanism has created the distinctive health value of Mengding Huangya.

Six. Different health effects p>

Drinking Mengding Manna regularly can protect against radiation, anti-aging, regulate metabolism, and enhance immunity. Often drinking Mengding yellow bud can play a role in strengthening the spleen, nourishing the stomach, moistening the lungs, and lowering blood sugar.

If you like green tea, choose Mengding Ganlu, and if you like yellow tea, choose Mengding Huangya. Mengding yellow buds are less irritating to the stomach than green tea. If you feel stomach discomfort after drinking green tea, you can drink Mengding yellow buds.

Mengding Ganlu and Mengding Huangya are both delicious teas. They are two different types of tea. Style Mengding tea.

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