The anti-new crown potential special drug Qianjinsu is expected to be launched within one year, and the price is the lowest among anti-new crown drugs

It has been reported in the news before that China’s domestically produced fenugreek is expected to play an important role in the prevention and control of the new crown. Chang Tong Yigang said in an interview that fenugreek is one of the most effective oral anti-new crown drugs in in vitro experiments, and it is expected to be launched within a year.

Professor Tong Yigang said in an interview that some anti-epidemic work has been done clinically, but at present, due to the scattered number of patients in China, there are not a large number of patients undergoing drug clinical trials, and the drugs are not yet available. There is not enough production capacity, so it may need to be launched within a year. Since the drug itself is a marketed drug, it was mainly used for the adjuvant treatment of tumors and other diseases, and the price is cheap. Compared with other anti-new crown drugs that have been marketed, the price of the drug are relatively cheap.

Sencephalin belongs to the extract of Chinese herbal vine, and the vine itself has a certain anti-inflammatory activity, which has a certain effect on infections caused by some pathogens. The new crown epidemic has been included in the key screening objects at the beginning, and in the subsequent research, it also showed the previous in vitro anti-new crown activity. It is hoped that in the subsequent research and development, it can obtain satisfactory curative effect and can be successfully launched as an anti-new crown oral drug. Contribute to epidemic prevention and control.