The 36-year AA system, the Phoenix man took his mother to take care of the elderly, the aunt: she wants me to be a free nanny, dreaming

I am 62 years old, my surname is Yang, and I was born in Changsha, Hunan. My husband and I have been married for 37 years. I have never felt the happiness of this marriage. Only the time when you just got married is happy, and the rest is painful. Why do I say that? Because after a year of marriage, he proposed the AA system to me in order not to let me spend his money, so I have been very unhappy every day for these years.

Many people are curious, why not choose divorce? I also wanted to get a divorce, but I was already pregnant at that time. In our era, there were relatively few divorced people. If I got divorced, I would only be criticized by others and my parents would be implicated, so I can’t be so selfish , even if I am wronged, I will always insist on this marriage, and I believe that one day, my so-called husband will definitely be punished as he should.

My husband and I met each other on a blind date. When we first met each other, I liked him a lot, because he looks very talented and looks very honest. And the family background is the same as mine, so the two of us are well matched. Just because I think we have the same family background, and after talking with him for half a year, we got married. I believe that after getting married, we can give each other, tolerate each other, and take care of each other, but who knows? I was wrong, he never treated me as family at all.

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Although I was very kind to me in the first few months of marriage, but gradually my attitude became more and more The worse it gets, the more stingy people become, and I also found that he particularly likes to subsidize his family, whether it is his parents or his younger siblings, he likes to give money to them.

Although he is not a big boss and does not earn a lot, he just likes to subsidize his family, because in his eyes, his family is his most important He is an important person, so he is willing to give for his family, but when facing me, he is unwilling to give anything, so I am very disappointed in him.

But at that time, I didn’t pay attention to what he did, because at that time I thought he was just caring for his family, so he kept subsidizing him.

But one year after we got married, he proposed to me the AA system of life, and this idea was proposed by his family, because I was pregnant at the time, His family felt that getting pregnant would cost a lot of maternity checkup fees. In order not to let me spend his money all the time, his family suggested that he implement the AA system so that he would not suffer losses. After hearing what his family said, he also felt that it was very reasonable , and then proposed to me AA life.

I objected at that time, but he ignored my feelings at all, and forced me to make AA with me, saying that I was just an outsider and not worthy of his money. And the child is conceived by me, so I should pay for the maternity check by myself.

At that moment, I also thoroughly saw his true face, and I knew that he He was a phoenix man. To be honest, I was really disappointed and regretted marrying him.

But it’s too late for me to say anything after I’m married, and I can’t leave even if I want to divorce, because marriage doesn’t end when you want, and leave when you want, you still have to Considering many things, so I can only agree with aa life.

After the implementation of the AA system, I thought he would not be able to distinguish it so clearly, but it turned out that he knew every penny clearly. After that, I was really disappointed Afterwards, I had no choice but to work part-time with a big belly to earn maternity check fees. Although it was very hard to continue working with a big belly, I had no choice but to do so if others didn’t want to pay me.

When the child was born, my parents paid for it, and my parents took care of the confinement, and my parents paid for the usual expenses. I have never been out, and his parents have never come to help me with the child, and even he has never hugged me, let alone cared about me, so I am really angry with the attitude of the whole family, because I have no love at all. Thinking of them being so ruthless, they don’t treat me as a family member at all. Although I have no blood relationship with them, there is no need for them to be so heartless.


I have quarreled with them many times because of this matter, but no matter how much I quarrel No, they won’t let me, they won’t understand me, they just think I’m making trouble for no reason.

From then on, I swore that I would only rely on myself in the future and no longer rely on others. After the child was half a year old, I returned to work, in order to let myself To become a good person, I worked hard every day, but at that time, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t make a career out of it, and at that time my father fell ill due to overwork, and he needed a large sum of money after he fell ill. money to treat illnesses, but I couldn’t earn any money at all.I asked my husband for help, but my husband rejected me cruelly, and said that my parents had nothing to do with him, and said that he would implement the rules of managing each parent with me.

At that time, I was so angry that I wanted to divorce him directly, but I didn’t have the courage, so I had to continue to make do with it, but later my father had no money for medical treatment After my father passed away, I was very sad and guilty, but because we could earn money to treat my father, I felt that I was a very useless person. At that time, my mother kept comforting me, Let me not think so much. After I had my mother’s comfort, I didn’t blame myself so much.

But it seems that I also worked hard for a career and became a rich woman. Although I have suffered a lot along the way, I have a little complaint None, because I know that only hard work will pay off.

Since I have money, my husband often hints that he wants me to help subsidize his family , but I didn’t pay attention to him, because I didn’t love him a long time ago, and it was impossible to pay for him again. If it weren’t for the feudal era, maybe I would have patted my ass and left.

In the blink of an eye, we lived together for decades. Over the past few decades, our marriage has ceased to exist in name only, and we no longer love each other. In each other’s hearts, we Just strangers, so we basically went our separate ways over the years.

Although he also proposed to cancel the AA system with me during the period, because he does not earn as much as me, and his life is not as good as mine, so in order to reduce his pressure, he Want to get something out of me, but I won’t be so stupid, and I won’t promise him, so no matter how many times he hints, I won’t talk to him.

Unexpectedly, when I was 62 years old, this Phoenix man actually wanted to take his mother to take care of him privately, because his father passed away, and his mother could not live alone at home. He is safe, and his health is not very good, and his younger siblings are unwilling to provide for his mother, so he has to bear the responsibility of providing for his mother.

When I learned about this, I immediately stopped him from picking up his mother for the elderly , And also said to him: “I want your mother to come here to retire in peace, there is no door, it’s not that I am cruel, but I don’t want to be a free nanny, and at the same time I don’t want to pay for your mother, and I don’t want you to benefit from me , because you didn’t help me when I needed you, so now you don’t want to get my help.”

After I said this, my husband was very angry , but he still insisted on taking his mother over. When his mother came in, she directly filed for divorce. Although he said that there is no need for divorce at such an old age, in order not to become their free nanny, I think it is better to divorce.

After the divorce, I was finally relieved. Later I heard that this phoenix man was also punished. Since the divorce, he also fell ill. Now he and his mother He is not in good health, and no one can take care of anyone. Every day is very miserable. Although he has a pension, his pension is not enough for the illness of these two people, so the two of them live in unspeakable misery every day. , but I don’t feel distressed at all, but think they deserve it.