The 12th Asian Foodology Forum opens today, focusing on food production, food life and industrial revitalization

Annual conference Asian food with important international influence The Academic Forum opened today in Kusatsu, Japan and Huizhou, China.

The Japanese venue of the 12th Asia Foodology Forum is located at Ritsumeikan University Biwako Kusatsu Campus (BKC), and the Chinese venue is located at Guangdong Luofushan Taigaku School. The theme of this forum is “Food Culture in the Post-epidemic Era: Traditional Industries and Local Revitalization”. Conference format: Japan-China venue + zoom webinar video connection, open to registered representatives, on November 26-27, 2022.

The morning forum is organized by Asia Dr. Wang Si, Secretary-General of the Foodology Forum, presided over the forum. The Executive Chairman of the 12th Asian Foodology Forum, Professor Naoto Minami, and the Director of the Asian Foodology Forum Organizing Committee, Professor Asakura Toshio, delivered welcome speeches, and the Chairman of the Asian Foodology Forum, Professor Zhao Rongguang, delivered an opening speech.

In the morning In the forum, Chinese and foreign scholars discussed in depth, shared and exchanged topics such as “food culture, food life and industrial revitalization”.

Sharing on the morning of the 26th at the Japanese venue The person and the topic are: Carlo Petrini, Founding Chairman of Slow Food International Association, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the University of Gastronomy, and Avon Ishida, Professor of Ritsumeikan University and Former Executive Chairman of Slow Food Japan “Global Network and Multidisciplinary Research of Gastronomy”, Japan Kazuo Oishi, Counselor of the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, “Food Culture under the Japanese Cultural Property System”, Professor Zhang Yulin, Department of Sociology, Nanjing University, “On the External Dependence of Food in East Asia”, Ritsumeikan University, Japan Professor Nan Zhiren “Thinking about the Future of Food—Today and Tomorrow, What and How We Should Eat”, Zhou Yonghe, Professor of the Central Academy of Korean Studies, the Department of Folklore of the Graduate School of Korean Studies, and Director of the Royal Library of the Joseon Dynasty – Jangshuge “China and Korea 30 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations, 30 years of food exchanges between China and South Korea”.

Chairman of Asian Foodology Forum , Professor Zhao Rongguang, director of the Institute of Chinese Food Culture, “The Cognition and Prevention of Famine in the Era of Economic Integration”. In the morning forum, topics such as “The Possibility and Sustainability of the Food System”, “The Future of the Anti-Globalization Food System”, and “Perceiving the Happiness and Local Culture of a City’s Residents Through Food” were also discussed.

Professor Zhao Rongguang, chairman of the Asian Foodology Forum, elaborated on food production, food life and industrial revitalization in his speech.

Zhao Rongguang, Asian food Chairman of the Academic Forum, Director of the Institute of Chinese Food Culture. He has been engaged in the research and teaching of Chinese diet history and dietology for more than 40 years. He is a pioneer in the research of diet culture and dietology in mainland China and a well-known scholar in the field of dietetics in the world. He has published more than 20 monographs on food science and nearly 400 academic papers, defining more than 300 food science terms. His academic achievements are called “Zhao’s theory” by the food science circles at home and abroad, and he is recognized by the international food science circles as “the spokesperson of Chinese food culture”. “, advocating and promoting “Chinese dining table civilization” for more than 20 years.

Professor Zhao Rongguang said in his keynote speech that food production is the foundation of survival, and food life is life support. The essence of food science is a very comprehensive , The knowledge that closely combines theory and practice is the science of survival and life, so the diet of the public has been the focus of previous forums.

He said that the Asian Foodology Forum is an academic platform of independent thinking with the purpose of studying pan-international food issues in the current era. It belongs to the world, without national boundaries or geographical limitations. The representatives of more than 30 countries participating in the discussions of previous forums come from all continents of the world. “Culture has roots, civilization has no boundaries” is our clear concept and firm principle. Culture has roots , food culture research may be national; civilization has no boundaries, and the vision of food science research is all human beings and the world. So the name Asia is because we were born in Asia, based in Asia, and care for the world. Every food scientist is full of heart. World citizens with great love.

According to the introduction of the forum organizing committee, this forum received papers from scholars and catering professionals from 13 countries and regions. In the field of food production and food life, which are related to people’s livelihood, human culture and civilization continuation, how to deal with problems, how to Choice is particularly important and urgent. Only in this way, Asian food The Science Forum has been doing its best to unite food science workers from all over the world and encourage more people who are enthusiastic about food science to continue to study and think about the proposition of the human dining table.

This year’s Asia Foodology The forum adopts the combination of on-site and online, and simultaneously realizes the live connection in Chinese, Japanese and English.

There will be 6 keynote speakers this time, from history, society , economy, policy, ethics, ideological trends and other dimensions explain the tone of this forum. The conference has 7 sub-forums, and 39 selected oral presenters, in addition to the main participants from universities and research institutions, also come from catering companies, industry associations, functional departments, basic education and independent individuals. The issues involved mainly focus on the evolution of traditional diets, current industry dilemmas, and future sustainable development, showing the characteristics of rich cases, diverse cultures, and new perspectives. It is gratifying that many outstanding young talents have emerged. The topic selection, knowledge, and information of their papers submitted have shown gratifying academic skills and active thinking.

This forum will announce the results of the 5th Suiyuan Award for Chinese Food Science Works, And it is announced that the 13th Asian Foodology Forum will be held in Bangkok in August 2023.

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