The 10th Diabetes Common Care Forum (Harbin Station) ended successfully

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August On the 6th, the “10th Diabetes Shared Care Forum (Harbin Station)” webcast opened. The theme of this forum is still “joint care of diabetes, multi-disciplinary collaborative management”. Many domestic and provincial industry experts gathered in the cloud to focus on the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes and its complications, multi-dimensional care, and the current high-profile diabetes mellitus In-depth exchanges and sharing of various topics such as mitigation.

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The Diabetes Shared Care Forum has been successfully held for 9 sessions, and it has now become one of the industry’s annual academic conferences recognized by professionals in the field of diabetes. The forum brought together domestic and provincial diabetes experts, including Professor Kuang Hongyu from the First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, Professor Qiao Hong from the Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, and Professor Duan Binhong from Heilongjiang Provincial Hospital to share the latest progress in diabetes clinical research online. and academic outcomes of shared care management models.

The data show that the earlier diabetes is detected and the earlier reasonable intervention is carried out, the development of the disease and the occurrence of complications will play a very good curb effect. The management of diabetes is not limited to the rational use of drugs. The important role of integrated Chinese and Western medicine diagnosis and treatment, and lifestyle interventions such as nutrition and exercise have been recognized by more and more patients and have received a lot of research.

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Against this background, this forum highlights diversity and cutting-edge in the arrangement of academic content. The report covers multiple disciplines and fields, interprets the latest guidelines and expert consensus, and presents recent research results. The forum focused on the interpretation of diabetes guidelines, the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes complications, diabetes management and education, maternal and child health, bone metabolism and traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment. Professor Liu Guoxin, director of the outpatient department of Heilongjiang Ruijing Diabetes Hospital, expressed the hope that the majority of endocrinology colleagues can take this forum as an opportunity to strengthen study and discussion, fully communicate and exchange, emancipate the mind, strengthen the mutual absorption and integration of various disciplines, and continue to communicate and exchange. Learn from each other and contribute to the development of endocrinology and diabetes in China with a more rigorous and scientific attitude!

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This forum is organized by Heilongjiang Private Medical Institutions Association, Sponsored by Heilongjiang Medical Development Foundation and undertaken by Heilongjiang Ruijing Diabetes Hospital and Banting Diabetes Doctors Group. It has attracted many related professionals in the field of diabetes, including doctors, nurses, nutritionists, sports rehabilitationists and psychological consultants, with a total of more than 50,000 people. Watch online together.