Teachers don’t have to be better than disciples

Han Yu wrote that “a teacher does not have to be better than his disciples.” It means that a teacher is not necessarily better than his students. Is it true?

Of course. Teachers are only better than students in one aspect, not in all aspects, and not all of them are better than students. Confucius said, “When three people walk together, there must be my teacher. Choose the good ones and follow them, and change the bad ones.” It means that if many people walk together, there must be someone who can be my teacher. Just learn from him, compare yourself when you see something bad, and correct your own mistakes. In other words, no one is perfect, everyone has flaws, and everyone has made some mistakes. It’s just that not all people can see their own shortcomings and mistakes, and not all of them can correct their own shortcomings and mistakes.

The views of Han Yu and Confucius are to let people see the advantages of others and learn from others, that is, Treat others as teachers. If you can’t see the good points in others, but only see their bad points, then there must be something wrong with the way you look at people, and something wrong with people themselves. Some people are really like this. They only see their own strengths and see the shortcomings of others, but they cannot see their own shortcomings and the strengths of others, so they are not good at learning.

When you see the advantages of others, you must be good at learning from them and treat them as teachers. However, it must be recognized that the teacher is superior to the disciple in only one aspect, not in all aspects. Both teachers and students are human beings with strengths and weaknesses. Even Confucius was not that perfect, let alone other teachers. In terms of eagerness to learn, Confucius is not as good as Yan Hui; in terms of fighting, Confucius is not as good as Zilu. But in terms of learning, neither of them is as knowledgeable as Confucius.

The teacher is a person who “specializes in technology”. Teachers who teach Chinese may not necessarily be able to do calculus. Teachers who teach mathematics may not be able to analyze composition, those who teach music may not understand painting, and those who teach art may not necessarily understand music. All the courses are taught very well. At most, I teach for other teachers. When I really take middle school courses, I can only teach one or two courses.

From subject In terms of span, although elementary school teachers can teach many courses, as long as students have learned it, they will enter junior high schools and universities, and they will surpass elementary school teachers and become a typical example of “the blue is better than the blue”, that is, junior high or high school teachers It is not necessarily higher than the outstanding students I teach. Many college students look down on their former teachers. In fact, they are very wrong. After all, teachers have become their guides and guiding lights.

Even in middle school, some teachers can’t solve the questions, but they will ask students with excellent grades to help Come out, in fact, the teacher has lost his mind, or because he is old, his brain can’t turn around, or because he is not suitable for teaching that class, he was forced to teach that class by the school leaders. Then, it is a matter of course that students are better than teachers.

Teachers also have bad behavior habits, some drive luxury cars to show off their wealth, and some Those in karaoke halls, dance halls and nightclubs, those who smoke in public places, those who often drink alcohol, and treat guests and give gifts are even more common. All these are destroying the teacher’s morality and style. It’s just that the reform of the teaching staff is not so timely, nor is it so thorough. Instead, most of them go through the motions and take face into account, so they just scratch the surface.

Most teachers can do what students can’t do, and most teachers can do what students dare not do dare to do it. As a result, many teachers became official masters, with absolute right to speak, and even got a group of class cadres to form a “small yamen”, which made “official officials overwhelm people at the first level”, and even arranged for the children of those powerful and powerful people to be class cadres , and of course received a lot of gifts. However, the students have become grassroots people, lost the right to speak, and can only be forced to accept the leadership of the class cadres, but they cannot speak out. Even if they report some problems to the teacher, they cannot get timely responses and solutions. Then, if things go on like this, education will become a feudal official education, not a democratic education, let alone an education that treats students as human beings.

Of course, there are only a few teachers with bad conduct, and most teachers are still conscientious, carefully preparing lessons and correcting Homework, seriously talk to students, deal with problems, and work hard. It’s just that their income is meager, and their high-paying titles have been stolen by leaders or teachers with backgrounds. As a result, their enthusiasm for education and teaching will be dampened, which will affect their work and the growth of students. However, this phenomenon has always been dominated by the idea of ​​official standards and cannot be effectively resolved. Then, it is easy to understand why the teachers showed some bad emotions and behavioral characteristics under the dominance of this kind of official standard thought.

“Teachers don’t have to be better than disciples” has become A rule, the teacher must not place himself too high, so as not to “fly high and fall hard. “Confucius once pointed out a clear way for teachers, that is, “don’t be ashamed to ask”, in order to gain more knowledge and more respect. However, teachers always mistakenly think that they are authorities, especially those with graduate students and The professors of doctoral students are even more arrogant. They have become “academic authorities” standing on their own hills, extracting the surplus value of graduate students and doctoral students, and taking it for themselves. It is not just a matter of morality. Perhaps the education system should be reformed. Changed.