Tao Zhe suspected plastic surgery? The facial swelling is not as usual, and the white hair looks like Zhang Ting’s husband

Recently, Brigitte Lin attended an event in Taipei. Although she is seventy years old, she is elegant and generous, and looks very gentle. This time I came out to participate in a live event of a certain jewelry. The whole temperament is full of wearing a dress with jewelry. Exudes a very unique charm.

Brigitte Lin Station Singing in the audience, enjoying the music with hands crossed, very intoxicated. Say hello to fans from time to time. He even booed the singer and looked very satisfied. And the singer who sang was none other than Tao Zhe, the prince of love songs.

Is Tao Zhe suspected of plastic surgery? The facial swelling is not as usual, and the white hair looks like Zhang Ting’s husband

Tao Zhe is mainly a capable male singer, the songs are beautiful, the lyrics are moving, very Significant. Even after so many years, his songs are still very popular, and the more you listen to them, the more flavorful they become. One sentence can make people enter the depths of the lyrics. But what is surprising is that Tao Zhe has changed too much.

It’s not difficult to see that Tao Zhe has gray hair and feels that he is not in the right state. Although the singing voice is still the same, the whole person looks a little tired. Some fans complained, thinking it was Zhang Ting’s husband who went online. Although her husband is not very old, he also has gray hair, which is reported to be caused by overwork.

David Tao Wearing a black suit, he is very gentlemanly, with a fat figure. And the Centrifugal Man in the audience watched it very attentively, and followed it in rhythm. People are surrounded by the breath of music. Tao Zhe, as the musical genius and prince of love songs back then, released a single in 2020 for the last time. Today’s singers plagiarize their lyrics without nutrition in order to make money, but Tao Zhe is different.

Tao Zhe also entered the short video platform, he often shares the creation background of new songs. For example, the song “Distant Home” was written for people who have mask problems but can’t go home for the New Year. It sounds very warm. But in the picture, he showed serious signs of aging, and even the fans sighed, why he is so old. Under the light, his face was sallow, lacklustre, and more tired. And the facial state is very stiff. Especially when speaking, the expression of pulling the corners of the mouth is very unnatural, looking like a puppet. What’s more, it means whether something has been injected into the face.

In fact Tao Zhe is now 50 How old you are, you should pay attention to maintenance. In fact, Tao Zhe fell into a plastic surgery rumor a long time ago. A male singer broke the news that Tao Zhe had a flat face back then, but he lost weight and underwent plastic surgery to become a melon-seeded face. And Tao Zhe’s agent said that Tao Zhe himself paid great attention to body management. In order to lose weight, he ate low-calorie food every day, so he lost weight.

Why celebrities are so keen on plastic surgery

Appearance anxiety. As an actor or singer, there are certain requirements for appearance in front of the camera. If you are just an ordinary person, you may not care so much about appearance. It is precisely because of facing the audience every day that there is such a strong anxiety. Netizens are overwhelmingly questioning and discussing, and even complaining about their looks. How many people will not take it to heart?


The state of the face will be magnified a hundred times under the lens, and there are still some flaws, which will be very obvious in close-ups. This is why audiences are now starting to pick their bones, and their aesthetics are getting higher and higher. After all, this is really an era of looking at faces.

The famous writer Jiang Fangzhou once said that those who go for plastic surgery are basically not bad. Their looks were forced to join a runway full of exceptionally good-looking people. As a professional beauty, she looks much better than you. So in order to survive for a long time in the entertainment industry, appearance is indeed very important.