Tangerine Peel Recipe|Daily delicious dishes, care for the spleen and stomach steamer fragrance

Steamed pork balls with tangerine peel in Xinhui

Ingredients: 500 grams of semi-fat and lean pork, 15 grams of Xinhui tangerine peel, 20 grams of green onion

Method:Wash the semi-fat and lean pork, drain the water, marinate it with food powder and put it in the refrigerator After refrigerating for 1 hour, take it out and chop it, soak the new tangerine peel until soft, shred half of it, and cut the other half into fine grains for later use. Add refined salt to minced pork and stir until gelatinized, then add monosodium glutamate, sugar, chicken powder, pepper powder, and fine tangerine peel. Continue to stir the meat glue, add water starch and beat until gelatinous, and finally add sesame oil. Squeeze the meat paste into meatballs, sprinkle with shredded tangerine peel, steam in a steamer for 10 minutes on high heat until cooked, take it out and sprinkle with chopped green onion.

“Ben Cao Jing Jie” tangerine peel: food enters the stomach, disperses essence in the liver. “Materia Medica Seeking Truth” Pork: “Into the spleen and stomach.”In addition to nourishing the lungs, Xinhui tangerine peel has an excellent ability to nourish the spleen and stomach. Although pork is the meat that everyone eats every day, it also has the health-preserving effect of nourishing the spleen and stomach and nourishing yin in traditional Chinese medicine. Shredded tangerine peel is added to the dish, whether it is used as a spice or health-preserving, it is excellent, and the taste will be more delicious.

Xinhui tangerine peel bitter gourd Stuffed

Materials: Bitter melon, scallops, dried shrimp, new Hui tangerine peel and pork

Method: Wash and dice Xinhui tangerine peel, put Remove the flesh from the bitter gourd, stuff it with a mixture of scallops, dried shrimp, tangerine peel and pork, and steam it in a steamer. The fragrance of bitter gourd, dried tangerine peel, and fresh meat stuffing all go straight to the nasal cavity.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that bitter gourd tastes sweet and bitter and cold in nature. Nourishes the lungs and nourishes the spleen and stomach. Pork is believed to have the effect of nourishing yin and moistening dryness in “Materia Medica Seeking Truth”. Paired with Xinhui tangerine peel, which has the ability to enter the spleen and stomach, regulate qi and reduce phlegm, it is a very suitable dish for relieving heat and fire in hot weather.

Steamed Eggplant< /h1>

Materials: 250 grams of purple eggplant, 50 grams of pork belly floss, 10 grams of Xinhui tangerine peel, 10 grams of chopped green onion, 5 grams of salt, 3 grams of white sugar, 5 grams of chicken powder, 3 grams of starch, 20 grams of cooking oil

Method: Peel the eggplant flowers, and cut them into 4 cm high columns with a straight knife. Add refined salt, white sugar, chicken powder, starch, cooking oil to the pork floss to taste, add chopped tangerine peel and mix well. Arrange the eggplants neatly on the plate, and sprinkle the meat floss evenly on the eggplants. Steam over high heat for about 15 minutes, take it out, and put chopped green onion on it.

This dish comes from “Wuyi Flavored Vegetables Production Technology”, “Compendium of Materia Medica” records that eggplant cures cold and heat, fatigue of the five internal organs, and Warm illness. At the same time, according to modern scientific research, eggplant has a certain inhibitory effect on cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood fat, etc., and can protect cardiovascular and so on. At this time, adding Xinhui tangerine peel has a complementary effect on bronchial and cardiovascular activities, and since eggplant is cold in nature, Xinhui tangerine peel can also calm its taste, making it more delicious and milder.