Tanabata wedding appointments have nearly doubled, the most romantic day, make the most romantic appointment

Original title: Tanabata wedding appointments have nearly doubled, the most romantic day, make the most romantic appointment

Yesterday (August 4), a happy couple took a group photo at the Fengtai District Marriage Registration Office. Photo by reporter An Xudong

“The Chinese Valentine’s Day is a good time. I’m happy to see the couples lynching lychees.” Yesterday (August 4th) was the Qixi Festival, and many newcomers chose to register and receive their certificates. According to the relevant person in charge of the Social Affairs Management Office of the Civil Affairs Bureau, the number of marriage registration appointments in the city on Qixi Festival was 1,389, nearly double the number of appointments on weekdays.

The average time to collect the certificate is 3 minutes

Yesterday morning, the Civil Affairs Bureau held a media open day for marriage registration. Witnessed by major media in Beijing, newlyweds “showed off” their happiness.

Mr. Wang and Ms. Li, who were born in 1992, were the first couple of newlyweds to receive a certificate from the Haidian District Marriage Registry yesterday. In order to be the first to get the certificate on the Qixi Festival, Mr. Wang ran to wait outside the marriage registration office at 10 o’clock in the evening. “At first, I was worried that there would be many people, but I didn’t expect that I would be the only one.” Mr. Wang said with an embarrassed smile.

Speaking of her lover’s sacrifice, Ms. Li couldn’t help laughing. “He was playing badminton with an old man nearby when I came here at 6 o’clock in the morning.” She said that the two met through social software and chatted for more than two months before meeting. After dating for more than two years, the two entered the marriage hall.

For the Mongolian girl Uzhelikun and her lover Iratu, Qixi Festival also has a special meaning. “Today 3 years ago, we just added WeChat.” Wu Zhelikun said that we were introduced by our parents, and we didn’t expect to have such a fate. She said that in order to make getting the certificate more meaningful, the photos on the marriage certificate of the two were wearing Mongolian robes, and they even went to the prairie to take wedding photos.

At the marriage registration office in Haidian District, about 200 couples made an appointment for registration on Qixi Festival. It only takes an average of 3 minutes for a pair of newlyweds to obtain a certificate from the review of the certificate to the issuance of the certificate.

The collective certificate is full of happiness

At 8:30 yesterday morning, there was a romantic and sweet atmosphere at the Fengtai District Marriage Registration Center. The newlyweds who made an appointment to receive the certificate had already come to the marriage registration office to wait for the information to be reviewed. After the review is successful, the new people come to the certificate office to fill in the form, and wait in the Chinese-style certificate hall to participate in the collective certificate issuance activities of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

The staff introduced that every major festival, Fengtai District Civil Affairs Bureau will prepare a group certificate awarding event for newcomers, hoping to leave good memories for newcomers.

The reporter saw at the scene that some newlyweds were wearing couple outfits with happy expressions on their faces; some boys were holding roses and girls were wearing veils, and they took a group photo in love in front of the “Double Happiness” in the certification hall.

At 9:30 a.m., the collective certification activity officially started. Under the solemn national emblem, the newlyweds read the oath of life. “From today, we will officially shoulder the responsibilities and obligations that marriage entrusts to us, filial piety to our parents, and education to our children…” The newlyweds looked at each other firmly, hugged sweetly, and then held a brand-new marriage certificate in their hands. Group photo in the eyes.

Mr. Zhang and Ms. Qu came to the award ceremony early. Ms. Qu told reporters that the day was not only the Qixi Festival, but also her grandmother’s birthday. She wanted to get the certificate on this day of double happiness. “This is also a matter of ceremonial feeling.”

Good day, good service, good mood

Under the epidemic prevention and control policy, Fengtai District Government Affairs Center guided the masses to “do online, time-sharing, and fast”. Before the peak day, all relevant departments took the initiative to move forward, strengthen online services, and cooperate with each other. , to create a “green channel”, and the marriage registration center also sends text messages to the new people in advance to remind them to handle the appointment according to the appointment time. On the basis of ensuring the safety and epidemic prevention of the hall, the new people can have a good experience and a good mood on a good day.

Haidian District Marriage Registration Office also prepared commemorative badges for newcomers to make the certificate more ceremonial. “These badges are ‘limited editions’ specially made for the Qixi Festival.” Li Wei, director of the Marriage Registry, introduced. In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and prevent people from gathering, the Haidian District Marriage Registration Office has changed the offline marriage oath issuance service to online.

In order to allow new couples to better enter into family life, Beijing actively promotes marriage and family counseling services. All 16 districts of the city have set up marriage and family counseling rooms to provide emotional communication, psychological counseling, relationship repair and other services for those in need. In the next step, the city will also promote the reform of marriage customs and etiquette, cultivate a correct concept of marriage and family, advocate the new fashion of civilization and simplicity, and promote the happiness and harmony of marriage and family. (Wang Qipeng)

Source: Qianlong.com