Take root in agricultural vocational education and cultivate high-quality “three rural” talents! This school in Songjiang celebrates its 20th anniversary

On November 26, the opening ceremony of the High-quality Development Forum of Agricultural Vocational Education under the Background of Industry-Education Integration and the 75th Anniversary of Shanghai Agricultural School and the 20th Anniversary of Shanghai Agricultural and Forestry Vocational and Technical College Held in Shanghai Vocational and Technical College of Agriculture and Forestry, the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship was listed on the same day.

It is understood that in response to the national “innovation Driven by development” and “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”, the school established the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship on the same day. The school will organize innovation and entrepreneurship education, carry out innovation and entrepreneurship training, incubate entrepreneurial projects, and support the transformation of achievements. The History Museum of Shanghai Agricultural School and Shanghai Agriculture and Forestry Vocational and Technical College opened on the same day. It is reported that after the completion of the school history museum, it covers an area of ​​700 square meters. Video, naked-eye 3D, magic mirror wall, plain model L projection, oil painting, painted relief, farming paintings and other artistic forms show the ups and downs of Shangnong since its establishment in 1947. After eight times of renaming and four adjustments, Generations of Shangnong people have taken root in agricultural vocational education, adhered to the original intention of serving “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, and cultivated high-quality agricultural and rural talents.

Shanghai Vocational College of Agriculture and Forestry, founded in 2002, is the only new high-level vocational school in Shanghai featuring modern urban agriculture. Since the establishment of the school, the school has always adhered to the purpose of “serving the farmers and establishing a school with characteristics”, carried forward the campus cultural spirit of “enjoying agriculture and happy farming, and endless life”, and cultivated and delivered batches of “three rural” fields in Shanghai. High-quality technical and technical talents who “know agriculture, love the countryside, and love farmers”. In 2022, the school was approved as a new type of higher vocational education with a five-year consistent system, and was selected as a “double high” construction institution in Shanghai.

Text: Liu Chi

Picture: Photo courtesy of the interviewee

Editor: Chen Yan Zhang Youming Shen Lina