Taipei, the daughter of a doctor, was diagnosed with the new coronavirus yesterday!

The daughter of a doctor in Taipei has just entered the first grade of middle school (the first year of junior high school). The day before yesterday, after returning from school, she felt stuffy nose, sore throat and fever.

At that time, the doctor took her temperature of 38.7 degrees Celsius.

The doctor gave her a self-test with antigen rapid screening reagent at home, and it was negative the night before yesterday.

Due to the fact that there are students in the class who have been diagnosed with the new crown virus infection, the doctor still suspects that she has been infected.

Therefore, the night before yesterday, she was allowed to live in a separate small room by herself, and she was given a private bathroom by herself.

Children wear surgical masks when they go out and talk to family members.

Yesterday morning, I re-tested with the rapid antigen screening and it was positive.

At this point, it is confirmed that the child has been infected with the new coronavirus.

The doctor and the couple do not need quick screening as prescribed because they are asymptomatic. They still go to the hospital to work, see doctors, do ward rounds, and operate as usual.

The next step is to create a file (equivalent to a mainland infectious disease report card) and patient management and treatment as required.

Children’s parents are doctors and know how to isolate their children and protect their families.

But if you understand, you have to go through the procedures according to the regulations.

The doctor has a classmate who runs a clinic in this community.

The doctor passed some information about the child to the classmates who opened the clinic, and then the clinic doctor gave the child some health education through video calls.

Children’s files

Of course, the doctor in the clinic can do this and receive health insurance money.

All treatment for the child is over.

The child does not take medicine, rests at home, and watches videos all day.

Yesterday evening, the child’s fever had subsided, and he ate salty chicken and sweet and spicy for dinner.

Supper for kids.

Last night, the child no longer had a stuffy nose, but had a sore throat. He was in good spirits.

Doctor’s parents, elder brother, younger brother, elder sister and two younger sisters in his hometown consist of 6 families, totaling 21 people.

Among them, the doctor’s father is 80 years old, has spared a heart stent, and has diabetes, but his blood sugar is well controlled.

These 21 people have all been infected with the new crown virus, all of them are mild, and they will be cured soon.

Besides, this kid is cute and speaks English very well. In the second grade of elementary school, you can watch English soundtrack movies.

Three years ago, during the summer vacation of fourth grade, she and her family traveled to Turkey with a group.

At that time, in a shopping mall in Turkey, the owner asked the tour guide in English: Are these Japanese? How can you speak Chinese?

The tour guide told him: These are Taiwanese. The child immediately proudly added in English: we are Chinese! we are from Taiwan China!

At that time, everyone laughed and praised her for being so young and having a big picture!