Tagore’s 10 most classic sentences, read and heal a lifetime

Yeats once said:

“ Reading one of Tagore’s poems every day makes me forget all the pain in the world.”

As a famous poet in the history of world literature, Tagore’s poems, There is a poetic romance and a soft compassion that soothes the hearts of generations.

On this day in 1941, Tagore left the world.

But his insight still shines brightly in the poems he left behind.

Today, let’s walk into 10 of Tagore’s most classic poems.

May we all draw the strength we need from it, cherish what we love and live up to our time.

Life is like summer Flowers are gorgeous, death is as quiet and beautiful as autumn leaves.

I think of this dialogue:

Someone asked: Since everyone will die, why To live so hard?

Another person replied: Even if it is extinguished, it is doomed, but it is the destiny of fireworks to bloom.

Life is a journey that cannot be turned back. Only by living seriously and living the value of life can we be worthy of the giving of life.

In a limited time, chasing a dream, loving someone, and chasing a flower affair.

Since you are destined to leave, at least let yourself have no regrets.

I will be alive for a moment, a journey of landscapes and rivers for a year.

May we all live the hot life we ​​want when we look back on our old age.

Don’t worry, the best is always the least appears when .

Perhaps you are going through the most difficult time in your life right now.

Unfortunate fortune, work pressure, and doubts from others will make you feel anxious, helpless, and even hopeless.

But in any case, please grit your teeth for a while.

Because of some things in this world, it is not to see hope that we persevere, but to see hope because of perseverance.

The trough you think, go forward a little, it may be the starting point of the uphill;

The doomsday you thought, move forward a little, maybe it is a new beginning.

Don’t give up easily, because one day, what you lost will come back in another way.

When you cry for missing the sun, you And miss the stars again.

Along the way, we must have lost some things we wanted and said goodbye to some people who didn’t want to say goodbye.

But everyone in the world, who is not like this?

Let go of your obsessions, and you will be able to free yourself from the burden of your mind;

Living in the moment, you can see the beauty in front of you .

From now on, don’t be distracted by heart, don’t be trapped in love, don’t be afraid of the future, don’t think about the past, that is the wisdom of life.

eyes for her It is raining, but her heart is holding an umbrella for her. This is love.

Have you ever met such a person in your life?

Obviously I was wronged because of your unprovoked anger, but I was still kind and relieved, and I was worried that you would get angry;

Or, even after a cold war with you for a day, I still took the initiative to cook and cook a hot meal for you.

If there is, please cherish it.

There are not many people in this world who can always put your feelings ahead of themselves.

If you have such a person by your side, it means he really loves you.

I trust your love.

The last sentence of “Flying Birds” , has cured many people.

Once upon a time, we were driven forward by the roaring gears of the times, running for a living and working hard for fame.

But in the end, I found that the colorful lights and neon lights of the city are no better than the warm yellow lights left by your family for you; But the plush clothes your mother sewed for you.

No matter how far we go, the love of our family will always be our last support

The long-lasting sense of fit and security is enough to nourish the rest of our long lives.

We truly live in the world when we love it.

I have heard many similar complaints: “too tired” “too hard” “why do people live?”

Tagore wakes up the world with one sentence: You must have love in order to activate the inner vitality.

There is no time to feel tired and restless in life.

At this point, stop and do what you love, and you will rekindle your energy and discover the joy of life.

Love is an antidote to a pale life.

When you are in trouble, do what you love, and you will feel happy and happy, and everything can be expected.

The world loves when one smiles he.

I have always felt that people who love to laugh have an inexplicable charm.

As soon as I see him, I feel that the world is gentle and the world is beautiful.

I can’t bear to blame and hurt such people.

Because I feel that by protecting her smile, I will protect a corner of my heart that is innocent and pure and loves life.

It is said that people who love to laugh will not have bad luck.

Because ah, when she shows kindness around her with a smile, people’s preference will follow.

A glass of water is Clear, but the water is black. Just as the small truth can be explained, the real big truth is silent.

People often say: Goodness is like water.

A truly wise person is like running water, nourishing all things, rather than contending with all things;

true The thought-provoking truth, like the sea, accommodates hundreds of rivers, but does not show any sound.

There are many valuable things in the world that are often invisible.

It takes a long process of polishing and silent precipitation to realize something.

As the saying goes: go where the water is poor, sit and watch the clouds rise.

The most rare realm in life is to gradually become transparent in a low-key silence.

You are tiny, butYou are not small.

As human beings, we all have times when we feel powerless because of our ordinary.

But don’t underestimate yourself easily, because every small life has the possibility to become great.

Like a firefly twinkling in the dark night, illuminating the long night with dim light; like a fluttering falcon, piercing with its wings long sky.

Even though life is short, we can still maximize our potential and live out the value of life.

The world kisses me with pain, but I reciprocate Song.

What would you do if life treated you badly?

Some people may never recover and fall into the abyss of depravity;

But some people can laugh For life, turn the hard days into poetry.

In fact, the good times and bad times in life are relative.

What kind of state of mind you have, you can see what kind of scenery.

As written in “Me and the Altar of Earth”: p>

“Since suffering has pushed me to the edge of the cliff, then let me sit down on the edge of the cliff, take a look at the mist and mist under the cliff, and sing a song for you.”< /span>

A good attitude is a good medicine to heal the sufferings of the world.

When you know how to laugh and swim through the suffering of the world, your life will be full of sunshine.

Some people say that people who like Tagore must be soft and kind in heart of.

Because of those touching words, they convey a warm and positive attitude towards life and a deep love for everything.

Reading Tagore’s poems is like a dialogue with his soul. Every word and every punctuation is a trace of life.

It is a blessing to be healed by Tagore’s words.

May you regain your warm heart from the poem, grasp the moment, and not give up easily;

May You can find the ability to love from poetry, cherish what you love, and don’t forget to love yourself.

Click “I’m watching”, I hope you and I can learn the nutrients of life from poetry.

Since then, I have walked through the mountains and rivers of Pinghu, the misty and rainy years, and I will live up to my time and myself.

Author | Zhuxi loves reading and life.

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