Sunbathing and perspiration can help the yang and expel evil. How to properly bask in the sun during the dog days?

Sunbathing and perspiration can help the yang and expel evil. How to properly bask in the sun during the dog days?


p>Professor Zou Xu from the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine introduced that there is a folk saying: “The summer solstice is counted on the third Geng day”, which means that “from the summer solstice”, it starts to count backward, and the third “Geng day” begins. Fall in. This year, the first day is July 16th, the middle day is July 26th, and the last day is August 15th. These three days are all Geng days. Choosing these three Geng days to bask on the back and limbs can achieve the same effect.

2022 dog days schedule:

Benefits of sun exposure in dog days

Cao Tingdong, a health care family in the Qing Dynasty, especially praised the sun exposure method and pointed out that This helps to replenish the body’s yang. His old-age health monograph “Lao Lao Heng Yan” has a cloud: “Sitting with your back to the sun is what Liezi called ‘the sympathy of the sun’, the spine must be slightly warm, which can make the whole body smooth. The sun is the essence of the sun, and its Bright and strong yang energy is very beneficial.”

Have enough sunbathing during the Sanfu period,not only can replenish the body’s yang energy, but also Can get rid of old chronic diseases.


The yang meridian of the human body mostly runs on the back, and the limbs are the root of all yang

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From the perspective of human meridians, the Du meridian in the middle of the back is the “sea of ​​yang meridians”, which govern the yang meridian of the whole body. Meridians throughout the body. The two meridians are prone to blockage and cold. Sunning the back helps to grow the Yang Qi of the Governor and Bladder Meridians, and improve the body’s ability to transform Qi. When the yang qi is sufficient, it naturally has the ability to expel all kinds of external evils, so that the disease qi can come out.

Dating back to the farming era, farmers were all day long facing the loess and turning their backs to the sky. Especially in the farming season, work under the sunlight every day. As for contemporary workers, they leave early for work and return late, and only a little sunshine can be seen on the road; when they enter the office, they have to let the cold air conditioner blow on. Therefore, most of the farmers are full of yang energy, while most of the white-collar workers are deficient and cold.

The Classic of Internal Medicine says: “The four limbs are the root of all yang”, Limbs are the second heart of man. The internal organs of the human body are stored by the qi of water and grain, and the generation of the essence of the five zang organs is related to the yang qi at the end of the limbs. The blood and qi of the zang-fu organs, through the twelve meridians and fifteen major collaterals, come out of the outside of the meridians, and correspond to the earth and the qi above the clouds, which is the process of yin and yang. The yang qi flows from the well points at the ends of the limbs and flows back into the meridians through the meridian and shu, and enters the five internal organs, which is the process from yang to yin. If there are no limbs, people also have yang energy, but it can only come from under the skin, and the room for manoeuvre is too limited. The return of yang qi in the limbs is similar to the rain in the weather. The higher and wider the weather, the stronger the weather, and the stronger the yang qi returning.

Therefore, the dog days are a good opportunity for us to return to the traditional, using the back and limbs to absorb the “Yuanyang” of the sun, and sweating properly can enhance the yang energy, Change your physique.

Key points for sun exposure in dog days

Time for sun exposure in dog days ?

Preferred Chufu, The first day of Zhongfu and Mofu, of course, other times during the three-volt period are also possible.


Which part?

The human body has many yang meridians It walks on the back, and the limbs are the root of all yang. Therefore, when basking in the sun, turn your back and extremities to the sun.

How long each session?

For the first time, 15 To 20 minutes, mainly to understand the tolerance of your body, if you feel comfortable and acceptable, you can gradually increase the time appropriately. But don’t be greedy for efficacy, sunburn and sunburn on your skin, and don’t expose yourself to the sun for a long time to avoid heat stroke.


What time do you bask in?

In the morning of the day, you can bask in the sun. But it must be determined according to the individual tolerance and the intensity of the sun. Children, the elderly, and the infirm are advised to bask in the sun earlier.

Notes:Do not expose the head directly, it is recommended to cover the head with a hat. It is recommended to rest for half an hour after a meal before drying, and you need to replenish water in time. Pores open after sun exposure, so you need to change your sweaty clothes in time in the shade, don’t blow the air conditioner directly or drink cold drinks. During pregnancy, the physical condition is relatively special, and the qi and blood cannot be disturbed at will, and the guidance of professional physicians must be followed.

The suitable people for sunbathing in dog days

Professor Zou pointed out that the following groups of people can be Benefit from sun exposure.

1. Chronic disease patients

In Professor Zou Xu’s clinic, many patients with chronic diseases persist under the guidance of Professor Zou. bask in the sun. Chronic diseases and intractable diseases are characterized by a long course of disease and repeated attacks, which often damage the body’s yang qi, making the disease more difficult to cure. Such as heart failure, coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, metabolic syndrome, depression, dementia and other diseases can be supplemented by sun exposure to achieve the effect of “yangyang in spring and summer”.

Some diseases that are easy to occur or aggravate in winter can be benefited by warming the sun, dispelling cold and dredging collaterals by basking in the sun and sweating in the summer when nature is strong in summer. , so as to achieve the purpose of preventing and treating winter-prone diseases, which is the embodiment of the holistic view of “harmony between man and nature” in traditional Chinese medicine.

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