Suggestions for the elderly: eat more of these 5 kinds of food, strengthen bones, and prevent osteoporosis

It is understood that the elderly are the key prevention targets for osteoporosis, because aging changes are obvious with age. In addition to changes in appearance, bones will also change Weakness is mainly related to the loss of calcium. Without proper bone calcium to strengthen bones, it is easy to cause diseases. Therefore, to understand how to properly manage osteoporosis and supplement your nutrition through your diet, there are many types of foods that are rich in calcium.

1, milk

If the elderly want to maintain health, they should pay attention to nutritional supplements, among whichcalcium Necessary to obtain sufficient volume. As a drink with high calcium content, milk candrink a glass of milk every day when the body adapts. Milk contains protein needed by the human body to maintain life activities.

In addition, a variety of minerals and trace elements are also needed by the human body. With the help of drinking milk reasonably, calcium can be obtained in time. Of course, Not everyone can drink milk, make sure you don’t have lactose intolerance or milk allergy.

2. Black sesame

Black sesame tastes delicious, It can be made into sesame paste and sesame balls. Eating a little sesame every day can satisfy the body’s needs for various trace elements. The < /span>Calcium and iron elements are relatively rich.

In addition, Black sesame is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, protein, control the amount well, it is helpful to enhance immunity, and it can also reduce the body’s absorption of bad cholesterol, thereby promoting health.

3, rape

< p data-track="9">Many people don’t like to eat vegetables, and think that vegetables are not as delicious as meat, but for health reasons, they should be combinedreasonably and carefully Food variety.

A more representative vegetable isrape flower< span>, this kind of vegetablehas a lot of calcium content, not less than milk, it is best to match fresh green vegetables in the diet to obtain nutrients , can also provide important vitamins, dietary fiber, thereby promoting intestinal peristalsis,accelerates the excretion of feces and enhances immunity.

4. Soybeans

Most of the raw materials of soy products are soybeans. As a kind of bean food, soybeans contain plant protein which is needed by the human body and can activate< span>Immune cell function, preventing protein deficiency and resistance deterioration.

In addition, soybeans can be madesoy milk, tofu, eat more of these soy products, in addition to obtaining soy isoflavones, which is beneficial to female endocrine regulation, It can also provide rich iron and calcium. Only when the calcium element needed by the human body is supplemented in place and the body can absorb it normally, can the bones be strengthened, thereby reducing the prevalence of osteoporosis .

5, nuts

There are many types of nuts, common in daily lifewalnuts, cashews, almonds, peanuts< span> are all representative. Nuts are helpful to health if eaten in moderation and choosing the right nuts to provide nutrition. Do not choose secondary processed or stale nuts. Saturated fatty acids, thereby reducing serum cholesterol, triglyceride levels.

In addition, nuts are rich incalcium , can promotebone health and prevent disease.