Stunning! Yancheng Tiaozini version of “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains” strikes

Modern Express (Reporter Faye Wong, Correspondent Guan Cheng and Wang Tianmei) At the beginning of this year, Sun Jialu, the resident ecological photographer of Tiaozini in Dongtai, Yancheng, shot a group of Tiaozini’s “Only Green” blockbuster, and his strength “out of the circle”. Recently, he took another shot and photographed a set of tiaozi clay version of “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains”, which made people admire the magic of nature.

Zhuang Ziyun “There is great beauty in heaven and earth without saying it.” Tiaozini Wetland is a masterpiece of nature. The tides of the sea ebb and flow, day and night. The water of the Yangtze River and Yellow River rolls down with sediment, and slowly accumulates into vast and criss-crossed tidal flats. The strange texture, under the bird’s eye view, there is a “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains”.

Enjoy the “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains”, shuttle through the undulating majestic “mountains”, the undulating peaks, the vast smoke and waves, even the “mountain” on the “mountain” Small textures can be clearly seen.

“I always wanted to take a different scene. I was lucky that the morning was sunny and the sky was beautiful, so I took aerial photos of this beautiful scene. “Sun Jialu told the reporter of Modern Express that walking in Tiaozini every day, recording the wetland scenery and various birds here with the camera, I feel very fulfilled and rewarded. (Photo by Sun Jialu)

Source: Modern Express All Media