Stubborn eczema makes the elderly suffer, Zhong Jingjing can cure it with the law, share my clinical experience

Chronic eczema belongs to the category of “eczema” in traditional Chinese medicine, characterized by polymorphic rash and exudative tendency , Symmetrical distribution, prone to recurrence and chronicity, and consciously characterized by severe itching. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that chronic eczema has severe itching and has to be scratched. At the same time, rough skin and skin lesions appear. The etiology is not only damp evil, wind evil, but also blood deficiency. TCM treatment of chronic eczema pays attention to syndrome differentiation and treatment, classification and conditioning, and internal and external treatment is the most important. Let me share my medical case:
Zhao Moumou, male, 69 years old, had a first visit on March 2, 2022. The patient had suffered from eczema on both upper limbs and neck for more than 2 years, which aggravated for 5 days. Although the patient has been treated repeatedly in the past 2 years and has taken a lot of Chinese and Western medicines, the curative effect is not good enough, sometimes mild and sometimes severe. Inscribed: Dense miliary rash on both upper limbs and neck, accompanied by exudate, itching, slight aversion to cold, profuse sweating, dry mouth and drinking water, slightly yellow urine, normal stool, thin white tongue coating, slow and slightly floating pulse. Syndrome: yang deficiency, internal stagnation of water and dampness, and external evils. Therapeutic principles: warming yang to transform qi, inducing diuresis and expelling dampness. Proposed prescription: addition and subtraction of Wuling San. Follow-up visit a week later: After the patient took the first dose, the exudate from the affected area decreased significantly, and the sweating all over the body basically stopped. The aversion to cold disappeared, and the dry mouth was alleviated. This is Yanghuashui drop, take the original prescription for three more doses, and it will heal.