Step into the digital age! The Orthopedic Center of the First Hospital of Huizhou City has created a new pattern of specialized treatment and diagnosis and treatment

Recently, Xiaogang, a 13-year-old student from Huizhou, went to Huizhou First People’s Hospital for aggravated low back and leg pain, and was diagnosed with “lumbar disc herniation (displaced nucleus pulposus)”. After minimally invasive surgery, the symptoms that had tormented Xiaogang for a long time have disappeared, and he was discharged smoothly.

What solved Xiaogang’s lumbar disc herniation was the technique of percutaneous transforaminal endoscopic nucleus extraction under local anesthesia. The reporter learned that as early as 10 years ago, the First Municipal Hospital took the lead in carrying out this operation in eastern Guangdong, which can greatly reduce the surgical injury. Up to now, percutaneous spinal endoscopic minimally invasive surgery has been widely used in lumbar disc herniation and lumbar spinal stenosis, and more than 2,000 related operations have been performed accumulatively. The development of this business is in the leading position in the city.

Huizhou No. 1 People’s Hospital Orthopedic Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Center (hereinafter referred to as “Orthopedic Center of No. 1 Hospital”) has been focusing on the construction of subspecialties since its establishment The innovative diagnosis and treatment services, coupled with the blessing of digital technology, have opened up a new pattern of specialized disease treatment and diagnosis and treatment. Today, the diagnosis and treatment capabilities of the Orthopedic Center of the First Hospital of the City have been in a leading position at the municipal level. Orthopedic technology has entered a new high-end technical field, and surgical technology has reached the domestic advanced level, which has played a strong role in promoting the overall strength of the hospital and the development of disciplines.

“Specialized Persons for Specialized Diseases”: Making Diagnosis and Treatment Services More Refined

As a key medical specialty in Huizhou, in recent years, the First Hospital of Huizhou has strengthened the construction of orthopaedic subspecialty through scientific allocation of medical resources. At present, the Orthopedic Center has Division 1 of Orthopedics (Spine Surgery), Division 2 of Orthopedics (Joint Surgery, Sports Medicine), Division 3 of Orthopedics (Orthopedics Trauma, Pediatric Orthopedics), and Division 4 of Orthopedic Surgery (Microscopic Orthopedics, Wound repair department, plastic and cosmetic surgery) four wards, the scope of diagnosis and treatment covers most orthopedic diseases.

The relevant person in charge of the Orthopedic Center and Director of Orthopedic Surgery Zhong Haobo introduced that at present, the center has developed and perfected the sub-specialties of minimally invasive spine, joint replacement and sports medicine, and has become the leading position in Huizhou and the strength of the specialty. subspecialty.

With the help of sub-specialties, the Orthopedic Center of the First Hospital of Shanghai Municipality strives to promote the implementation of refined diagnosis and treatment services and accelerate the construction of a specialized disease-specific treatment pattern.

The core of specialized disease treatment lies in “specialized person to treat specialized disease”. Zhong Haobo said that the sub-specialization of the center not only promotes the development of disciplines, but also urges all study groups to aim at the frontiers of discipline development, constantly broaden the boundaries of discipline technology development and exchange, and effectively improve the technical level of specialized disciplines. At present, each sub-specialty of the Orthopedic Center has a reasonable layout, rapid development, and operates completely independently, and strives to be further “refined, specialized, and strong”. The patients are treated strictly in accordance with the specialties, and the orthopaedic problems are overcome point-to-point, so that they can play a better role. Specialist advantages in wards, enhance competitiveness, and provide more professional and targeted diagnosis and treatment for the majority of patients.

Nowadays, each sub-specialty of the Orthopedic Center has its own independent team, and the new pattern of specialized treatment is accelerating the improvement of the medical technology level of each team. This places more stringent requirements on the leader of each team. It is understood that the doctors in the 4 wards of the Orthopedics Department of the First Hospital of the city have the title of chief surgeon or above, and they have all studied in a national hospital for more than 9 months, with excellent academic ability and rich clinical experience.

Be the “Vanguard”: Complete 6 “National Firsts”

From traditional specialty to diagnosis and treatment center, Huizhou First People’s Hospital Orthopedic Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Center has set a new goal – striving to become the most technical orthopedic diagnosis and treatment center in Huizhou in 3 years The center has become the most influential and radiating orthopaedic center in Huizhou, and some subspecialties strive to become advanced in the province and have certain competitiveness in the country.

In Zhong Haobo’s view, in order to become a “pioneer” in the industry, so that all sub-specialties can always be at the forefront in their fields, the quality of medical care and the volume of patients admitted are indispensable. “You can treat diseases that others can’t treat, and you can perform operations that others can’t do. Your medical system is strong enough to treat more patients in the same time.” Zhong Haobo said, first of all, the department must have the ability to treat simple The ability of diseases, complex and difficult diseases, and various surgical indicators (including fourth-level surgery, difficult surgery, minimally invasive surgery, etc.) are excellent. Secondly, the admitted patients must reach a certain size in order to be exposed to more diseases.

As a key medical specialty in Huizhou City, the Orthopedics Department of the First Hospital of Huizhou has always adhered to innovation-driven, improved medical service capabilities and levels, strengthened the construction of orthopaedic subspecialties, and promoted high-quality development of orthopedics.

In recent years, the Department of Orthopedics of the First Municipal Hospital has taken technological breakthroughs as the driving force for the development and construction of disciplines. Based on traditional surgery, the Department of Orthopedics has sought development in digital orthopaedics, and has developed in orthopaedic finite element analysis, 3D reconstruction, and VR technology. , 3D printing technology, CAD/CAM technology, computer-aided navigation technology, artificial intelligence, remote surgery and robotic surgery. Knee replacement surgery, China’s first 3D custom osteotomy tool gap balance knee replacement surgery, China’s first Anterior PATH total hip replacement, China’s first WRIGHT 3D printing osteotomy tool knee replacementTechnique…

Zhong Haobo introduced that in the Orthopedic Center of the First Hospital of the City, some of the measuring devices used during the operation were original by the orthopedic team and are currently applying for a patent. Coupled with the cooperation of advanced medical equipment, the Orthopedics Center, one of the “Eight Centers” of the First Hospital of the Municipality, will also accelerate the strengthening of the construction of digital orthopedics, and take the opportunity of digital orthopedics to expand the frontier of orthopedics in the medical industry, scientific research, and clinical treatment. Fundamentally improve the quality of medical care.

[Reporter] Liao Yuxian

【Correspondent】Wang Yunguang Cheng Qiuyi

【Author】 Liao Yuxian

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