Stay up all night cool, crematorium every day! 4 tips to reduce injuries for night shift workers

As the saying goes: stay up late for a while, and crematorium every day.

With the gradual enrichment of nightlife, staying up late has become the norm for many modern urbanites.

But staying up all night hurts the body, research shows that—people who sleep less than 6 hours a day have a 27% increased risk of atherosclerosis compared with people who sleep 6-9 hours a day , the risk of myocardial infarction increased by 20%.

In addition, staying up late can also affect hormone levels in the body and reduce the skin’s ability to repair itself, resulting in acne, pores, dull skin and other problems, and even dark circles , bags under the eyes, hair loss

Therefore, staying up late is not only more likely to become ugly, but also irreversible damage to the body.

Staying up all night hurts the body, does night shift count as night shift?

With the rapid development of industry, some industries often require three shifts or night shifts, such as policemen, firefighters, doctors, workers on the factory assembly line…

And The so-called night shift is usually from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am, usually within our sleep time range.

But staying up late does not mean going to bed late or overnight. If you keep getting enough sleep every day, you will be full of energy after waking up after working the night shift, and your physical and mental state will be no different in the long run.

For these people, working night shifts doesn’t count as staying up late.

Because these people are used to the night shift work and rest, as long as the work and rest rules are actually the same as those who work the day shift, but the time difference is a bit different.

However, some people can’t adapt to working night shifts. Working at night shifts will lead to changes in the body’s biological clock, which is prone to various sleep disturbances and other problems, which seriously affect physical and mental health and normal life.

Working “shift”, it is easy to affect health

Irregular work and rest time will disrupt the biological clock, and the body’s endocrine system will also be disturbed, causing immeasurable harm to physical health.

Shift work not only causes sleep problems, leading to chronic sleep disturbances, but also irregular diets may cause or exacerbate gastrointestinal disorders.

Long-term night shifts may also cause poor sleep quality, leading to fatigue and increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Drug and alcohol dependence may be improved by taking drugs or drinking alcohol to improve sleep and reduce shift-induced arousal disturbances.

In addition to good health, shift work can also easily make people fatigue, nervousness, and anger< /strong> and other negative emotions.

If the brain does not get a reasonable rest, it may also lead to trance and memory loss. If the nerves are not relaxed, the quality of sleep will also decline, and the work efficiency will gradually decrease over time. There will be a general decline in mental and psychomotor ability, leading to errors in work, poor judgment, and reduced efficiency.

Data show: People who work more night shifts have a 5% increased risk of stroke and a 23% increased risk of myocardial infarction.

How do people who work the night shift adjust?

Generally speaking, night shifts are divided into two shifts and three shifts. Two shifts are more regular and less harmful to the body than three shifts.

Although life is important, but the body is the capital of the revolution, it is best to apply for day or two shifts, try to control within the scope of the regular work and rest, so that the body can get enough rest.

Therefore, we suggest you do these 4 things well:

First, ensure enough sleep time

For long-term shift work Workers need to ensure enough sleep time during the intermittent period;

Second, the sleeping environment should be comfortable

When sleeping, the light in the bedroom should be Dark, keep the environment quiet, avoid drinking beverages or foods that affect sleep before going to bed, such as coffee, tea, alcohol, etc.

Third, arrange time reasonably

Reasonably arrange duty time and social activity schedule to ensure that you have enough time for social activities.

Fourth, adjust the light rhythm

When working on night shifts, you can use sufficient light to make the human body adapt to the new rotation as soon as possible, which is helpful for entering the next shift. sleep cycle.

All in all, “doing night shifts count as staying up late” is actually closely related to one’s physique.

The time of night shift changes very frequently. If the body can’t hold on to it, it is recommended to change jobs and adjust the work and rest time in time to minimize the damage to the body.

Whether you work day or night, you must maintain a good work and rest schedule, ensure adequate sleep every day, exercise more daily, and eat a balanced diet are good habits to maintain physical and mental health.