Southern Song Dynasty Li Tang “Yanlan Xiao Temple”

Li and Tang Dynasty in the Southern Song Dynasty “Picture of Yan Lan Xiao Temple” (biography)

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Taipei Palace Museum Collection

Painting the overlapping of distant mountains, lush trees, and misty mountains; high towers and pavilions looming in the valleys, springs gurgling between cliffs and valleys, converging to the foot of the mountain, and under his powerful brushstrokes, the rocks and trees create a wet and heavy air blowing towards the face, the picture Feelings from afar, like seeing another world.

This kind of mountain crest in the picture is almost closer to the style of the Ming Dynasty, or it was painted by later generations.

Inscription: Qianlong Inscription: The Southern Fa Show has been opened, and it still has the Northern Zongxiong. Considering sincerity and kindness, the spirit is independent work. The sound of the spring is suspicious of the view of Long, and the town is misty with smoke. Give it to Bichu’s companion, and invite him to sit Wukong.