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The fifty-ninth episode is released today
< span>November 2017
Chongming Bus Company completed upgrading 220 pure electric buses< /strong>

On November 15, 2017, on the Yangtze River Bridge in Shanghai, a green and white road with 34 new The “long dragon” composed of energy buses slowly entered Chongming. So far, all 220 new energy buses scheduled to be updated by Chongming Bus Company have been in place, and “green buses” have accounted for more than 50% of the total number of buses in Chongming. New energy buses Compared with diesel vehicles, the driving comfort is higher and the noise is lower. At present, Chongming has achieved full coverage of 607 new energy buses and 229 new energy taxis, becoming the “emission reduction responsibility” of Chongming public transportation , and built 1,080 charging piles in key areas such as transportation hubs, high-speed service areas, and tourist attractions, vigorously implementing the green travel strategy, giving priority to the development of public transportation, actively advocating slow traffic, vigorously developing intelligent transportation, and further strengthening new energy and clean energy. The promotion and application of vehicles and ships. Chongming’s transportation ecology is getting brighter and brighter. The sky in Chongming is bluer, the water is greener, and the air is cleaner.

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Reporters: Wang Qian, Xi Quchao, Chen Yiting

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