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< span>January 2018
Chongming’s first ecological pension subsidy arrived

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In January 2018, people in Chongming received two “ecological dividend” gift packages issued by the government – ecological pension subsidies and ecological benefit insurance. Since January 2018 , Chongming issued 40 yuan of “ecological pension subsidy” to each qualified person per month. On January 25, the first batch of ecological pension subsidies were distributed to the accounts of 147,000 eligible Chongming people in the region. Subsidy” is an important way to improve the pension security level of urban and rural residents in Chongming and narrow the gap with the city.

< span>In addition to enjoying the “ecological pension subsidy”, Chongming people have also received a caring “ecologicalbenefit insurance” since 2018. In order to further enhance the ability of urban and rural residents to resist disaster risks, Reduce the losses caused by personal accidental injuries and natural disasters, and strengthen the rescue efforts for the poor due to illness. Chongming implements group accident (death/ disability) and group medical care as the main contents. Since the pilot implementation of ecological benefit insurance in Chongming, a group of needy people in Chongming have really enjoyed the dividends of ecological construction. In the future, Chongming will continue to integrate resources , explore and develop, solve the urgent, difficult and worrying problems of the masses, and spread sunshine and rain to the hearts of the people.

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