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Chubby has always been fat and cute. She has been fat and cute since she was a child. When she was 5 or 6 years old, she was always fat, but she was always fat. Reasonable, he belongs to slightly fat, and his appearance is also online. The husband he was looking for was also tall and handsome, but after becoming pregnant, he suddenly gained 40 pounds. At that time, a lot of skin on his body was broken, and there were many stretch marks on his stomach. , There are also many red skin lines on the thighs, back, and arms. The child is six pounds and six taels, so the weight has not lost much after giving birth. After giving birth, I still need to breastfeed, so I didn’t deliberately lose weight. I even gained 10 pounds during breastfeeding. When the child was about 1 year old and ready to wean, he had already gained 180 pounds. At 165, he still looks very fat. obviously. It is still difficult to lose 180 pounds of meat. No matter how she diets, she has not lost much weight. After losing 10 pounds, she will reach a plateau. No matter how much exercise and dieting, it is difficult to lose weight. She had the confidence to lose weight, thinking that she could just keep getting fat, but her husband asked her to lose weight every day, she felt that she was too fat to be beautiful, and all kinds of obvious urging her by the side, her mother-in-law also kept saying that it annoyed her It’s not good, but it’s not that she didn’t work hard. She has worked hard, but she can’t reduce it, so she can’t help it! Hey, I can only continue to lose weight, lose one or two is one or two, at least not fat anymore.

Spleen deficiency and fat

The spleen and stomach are the foundation of the day after tomorrow, the source of the transformation of qi and blood. The weakness of the spleen and stomach leads to the accumulation of water and grain transport and transformation disorders in the body, resulting in wet body metabolism and slow metabolism, which will lead to obesity. Moreover, 90% of obese people are physically weak. Physical weakness is caused by the weakening of the body’s spleen and stomach functions, which is mostly a manifestation of puffiness. To solve the problem of obesity, we must strengthen the spleen and remove dampness. Once the spleen is deficient in the human body, it will lead to poor transportation and transformation of water and dampness in the body.

Tooth marks on the tongue

The spleen is closely related to the tongue, and changes in the tongue are the external manifestations of the spleen. A healthy tongue should have a red surface and look moist. There is a layer of tongue coating on the tongue surface, which is light and very clean. If there are obvious tooth marks on the edge of the tongue, rough or thick tongue coating, yellow and greasy, it means that the spleen is damp in the body.

Stool sticky toilet

Eating cold and cold foods can easily lead to cold and dampness trapping the spleen, and the water and dampness cannot be taken away normally. Soft and loose stools, or sticking to the toilet.

Morning discomfort

When you wake up in the morning, if you feel chest tightness, shortness of breath, dizziness and brain swelling, it means that your spleen and stomach function is relatively poor. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that when the spleen is deficient, the lung qi will first die. That is to say, the functions of the spleen and the lungs are mutually influenced. When the spleen is deficient to a certain extent, the lungs are not nourished, and shortness of breath is likely to occur, and the performance of lung-qi deficiency such as shortness of breath when moving is easy.

Be “avoid” in your diet

The diet should be based on low-salt, low-sugar, and low-fat foods. If you like to eat salty and spicy children’s shoes, it is best to change your eating habits and eat more light and healthy food.


1. Acupressure

Guanyuan, Qihai, and Zusanli are all acupoints that have the effect of invigorating the spleen and stomach. Guanyuan and Qihai are on the Ren meridian and in the abdomen, and regular massage is very good for abdominal obesity. Zusanli can regulate the spleen and stomach, and promote the transportation and transformation of water and dampness; Fenglong is an important acupoint for reducing lipids and dampness and losing weight. You can rub your palms against each other, after rubbing the heat, gently massage with the base of your palm, centering on the sea of ​​qi, alternately clockwise and counterclockwise, for 5-10 minutes each time, it is advisable to have a slight fever in the lower abdomen, and moxibustion can also be used instead , moxibustion for 20 minutes each time; use the thumbs of both hands or the food and middle fingers to massage Zusanli, Fenglong and Yinlingquan points on both sides at the same time, 3-5 minutes each time, with local soreness and fever.

2. Diet

Regulate the spleen and stomach to lose weight. Since puffiness is mostly caused by spleen deficiency, the first thing to do is to regulate the spleen and stomach. Most of the commonly used products for strengthening the spleen and regulating qi are medicinal materials with acrid flavor and the power of dispersing and activating qi, such as Amomum, tangerine peel, etc., which are appropriately mixed with medicinal materials for regulating qi, mainly for nourishing qi and strengthening the spleen, such as yam, barley, Jujubes, lentils, etc., must not abuse the medicinal materials of bitter cold diarrhea at this time. In order to lose weight, many people abuse laxatives, bowel-clearing tea, etc., which will aggravate dampness and damage the spleen and stomach, so they cannot lose weight at all.

Ming Physician Advice

Drugs for strengthening the spleen and removing dampness can be selected from Shenling Baizhu Pills, Jianpi Pills, Guipi Pills, Xiangsha Liujunzi Pills, Erchen Pills, Buzhong Yiqi Pills, and Qushi Granules and so on. Usually, pay attention to the light diet, do not eat too much cold and sticky food. You can eat foods rich in dietary fiber such as celery, radish, and cabbage, and you can also drink porridge with lotus seeds, gorge and barley. You can also drink it with tangerine peel, tuckahoe, lotus leaf, and corn silk. You should also do appropriate outdoor exercise. Exercise can increase metabolism, regulate the function of the spleen and stomach, and help reduce dampness and lose weight.

Author: Yueyang Hospital/Shanghai Shi Acupuncture and Meridian Research Institute

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