Sneaking time during the epidemic – Chronicle of Senior Officials (19)

This winter is destined not to be An ordinary winter. As winter just entered, bad news came one by one from the city. The new crown epidemic that has been raging for several years has become more and more raging with the gradual relaxation of control measures. Rumors are flying all over the sky, neighborhoods are closed, shops are closed, schools are closed, vehicles are banned… the whole city is frozen. The nephew was implicated by his brother and became a close contact. He shut himself at home for isolation, and even the children did not dare to approach him. Because the epidemic is too severe, there are too many infected people, and there are not enough health and medical personnel. The niece who is a nurse is almost exhausted. She has no time to take care of the children, so she can only call her parents from her hometown to help. As soon as the old couple entered the city, the circuit was cut off: they couldn’t get out of the city here, and couldn’t get into the village from their hometown, so they were trapped there. The community was sealed off, not only could they not leave the gate of the community, they could not even go down the building. Food and use are very tight, especially food, which is extremely expensive and poor in quality…

Listening to their complaints on the phone, my wife and I I also secretly rejoiced: Fortunately, I arrived at the high-ranking official early, otherwise, I would still be trapped to death. After all, this is the countryside, so the situation is not that tense.

However, the village has been getting worse recently: My cousin told me that all three village cadres in Zhuangyi Village were tested positive, and the ambulance took away several Che Ren; Gaoguan Township also had several confirmed cases. The gathering of senior officials was closed, shops were not allowed to open, and villagers were told not to go out as much as possible. As the village party secretary, Xie Jusheng personally drove the car to do nucleic acid tests for us every day, and repeatedly warned me to wear a mask when I went out.

However, there is one benefit that people in the countryside cannot enjoy in the countryside, that is, the prices are cheap. People in the city complain that things are too expensive; street vendors here complain that things are too cheap. The prices here are usually much cheaper than those in the city. Once the epidemic breaks out, agricultural products cannot go out of the village or enter the city. Two days ago, my wife bought vegetables, leeks cost 1 yuan a catty, celery cost 1 yuan a catty, radishes cost 5 yuan a catty, tomatoes cost 3 yuan a catty; fruits are also very cheap, Huaniu apples cost 10 yuan and 3 catties, and tangerines cost 2 yuan and 5 catties. Watermelon is two yuan a catty… On the way back from shopping, I met a vegetable farmer selling cabbage with a tractor for 40 cents a catty. In the end, I made a round: thirteen pretty good Chinese cabbages, a total of twenty Yuan.

There is another advantage here: during the epidemic period, you can’t gather or visit, but the community is not closed, so you can go for a walk. If you don’t go to the street, you can go to the wild. There are large jujube forests and crop fields tens of meters away from the community. When people in the city are trapped upstairs and cannot leave their homes, I can walk freely in the fields here, enjoying the abundant sunshine, gentle breeze, and melodious birdsong. In the vast fields, there are almost no people, except for the shepherds holding whips and playing with mobile phones; if you go to the Hutuo River, you can also see leisurely fishermen. The water has not yet frozen, and it is the clearest time of the year. The blue sky, white clouds, and bushes and tall trees are reflected in the water, and blown by the breeze, it becomes an animation. Scenery is a painting in itself, adding movement makes the painting come alive.

During the epidemic, being able to take such a leisurely time is considered a luxury.