Slimming agencies, strengthening the grassroots, the East A traffic police brigade continues to carry out intensive weekend fluorescent protection and helmet centralized management operations

Slimming agencies, strengthening the grassroots East A traffic police brigade, continuing to carry out intensive weekend fluorescent protection and centralized helmet management operations

< p data-track="2"> In order to continue to deepen the “one helmet and one belt” safety protection action, further enhance the awareness of motorcycle and electric bicycle riders to wear safety helmets, and do their best to prevent road traffic accidents, recently, Donga The traffic police brigade yelled in all the departments and departments that “three people work and one person does it. Take out two people to the front line” slogan, slim down the organization, strengthen the grassroots, from the department department to the police and auxiliary police to enrich the centralized rectification action of riding electric vehicles and wearing safety helmets.



Morning of the 20th , Team leader Fang Xueqin, political commissar Xin Peng and other team members led the civilian police and auxiliary police to carry out centralized weekend fluorescent protection and helmet centralized management operations. During the operation, the brigade scientifically adjusted the police force, increased the control of key areas, key time periods, and key road sections, and set up checkpoints in the four directions of the main road sections in the jurisdiction and intersections with large traffic volumes of electric vehicles. Miss one person, strictly investigate traffic violations such as driving electric vehicles without wearing safety helmets, and paste reflective signs on passing electric two-wheelers and tricycles to increase vehicle safety driving coefficients, and protect the safety of people traveling at night. The climax of the centralized rectification of vehicles wearing safety helmets.