Sleep how to do? There is a secret plaster in the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the First Hospital of Zhejiang University!

Tossing and turning, unable to sleep at night

Heavy thoughts and deep sleepiness

Do you often have trouble falling asleep

Do you often feel that you are not getting enough sleep?

In today’s society, sleep disorders are becoming more and more prominent

Various sleep aid methods and products are common

A large number of patients are also seen in hospital outpatient clinics

Recently, the editor suddenly discovered

The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine

Sleep Disorders Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic opened

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Insomnia? The editor is bright.

Quickly go to the TCM outpatient clinic to find out

This understanding, guess what?

Hey, we still use Zhejiang One’s exclusive secret recipe!

The lady of the supermarket can’t sleep at night

Used this plaster: better!

Hangzhou 59-year-old Ms. Hua (pseudonym) has finally been able to fall asleep peacefully these days, with a smile on her face. Not long ago, she also Suffering from insomnia due to anxiety.

A few years ago, Ms. Hua bought a store along the street in a community in Hangzhou and opened a small supermarket. The business was doing quite well, but a year ago, due to road construction and additional Affected by the epidemic, business began to decline. “I originally liked that there is a crossing in front of the store, but the last time the road was repaired, the crossing was directly sealed, and the passing vehicles rarely stopped to buy things, and the business was much worse.” Ms. Hua said that in order to buy this store, almost After emptying out the family and doing business at a loss, people began to sleep all night.

“At first I could barely fall asleep until 2 or 3 in the morning, and then I needed to take sleeping pills, but it didn’t work.” Ms. Hua’s daughter took her mother for psychological counseling in a private institution. It turns out that she already has mild anxiety. Despite the relevant treatment, the results have been limited in recent months. Ms. Hua can only endure until she can’t bear it anymore, and she barely sleeps for a few hours. In addition to difficulty falling asleep, she also I have a variety of physical discomforts such as dreaming and waking up easily, being short-tempered and getting angry easily, and dry mouth.

At the recommendation of my daughter’s doctor and classmate, not long ago, Ms. Hua came to the Sleep Disorders Chinese Medicine Specialist Clinic of the First Hospital of Zhejiang University. The red fur is thin and white, and the sleep disorder is serious. She was prescribed a secret plaster for insomnia combined with oral administration of traditional Chinese medicine and applied it on Yongquan and Taixi points. Currently, after 4 courses of oral administration and external application for one month, Ms. Hua’s condition has improved. Significant improvement, “I can sleep 6 or 7 hours a day now, and I don’t sweat easily, and I feel better and better.”

Sleep Disorders TCM Specialist Clinic

Zheyi secret plaster to help you get rid of troubles

Insomnia, called insomnia in traditional Chinese medicine, is a disease that often cannot get normal sleep. In the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, there are sayings such as “do not lie down” and “do not rest your eyes”. In fact, it also refers to insomnia. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that insomnia is usually caused by evil qi staying in the viscera, and Wei qi traveling in the yang and cannot enter the yin.

“Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the basic pathogenesis of insomnia/insomnia is the decline of yang and yin, and the loss of yin and yang.” Deputy Chief Physician Li Jianping, deputy director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine (in charge of the work) of the First Hospital of Zhejiang University, said, Treatment is based on the principle of tonifying deficiency and reducing excess, and adjusting the yin and yang of the viscera. Demonstration is used to reduce excess, such as soothing the liver and expelling heat, clearing phlegm and heat, and supplementing deficiency for deficiency, such as nourishing qi and nourishing blood, strengthening the spleen and calming the heart, and nourishing the liver.

Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zhejiang University First Hospital, led by the national famous old Chinese medicine doctor Yu Guoyou, in addition to oral drug treatment, the team also used precious traditional Chinese medicine to explore and develop a secret plaster. The dual effect of transdermal drug absorption in the treatment of insomnia has a good effect. Yongquan and Taixi acupoints have the effect of clearing heat and qi, and the acupoints can be stimulated to produce efficacy through drug application, and the homemade plaster is safe and has no toxic side effects.

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“Our treatment plan is suitable for all ages, and has certain effects on patients with different degrees of sleep disorders.” Li Jianping said that at present, the First Hospital of Zhejiang University has opened a sleep disorder TCM specialist clinic. The doctor will differentiate and treat the specific situation of the patient, and give targeted treatment. The treatment takes 7 days as a course of treatment. Usually, after 3-4 courses of treatment, there will be a certain effect. The outpatient clinic has also encountered patients whose symptoms have greatly improved after a few days of use.

If you often have difficulty falling asleep or sleep easily and wake up easily, wake up insomnia, or even sleep through the night, accompanied by headache, dizziness, palpitations, forgetfulness, mental fatigue, poor diet Xin and other symptoms, may wish to try.

Of course, the editor also reminds me here that in addition to the TCM specialist clinic for sleep disorders, Zhejiang University No. Disorders specialist clinics provide professional consultation and treatment for patients with various sleep disorders by experts from neurology, mental health and other departments.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Specialist Clinic of the First Hospital of Zhejiang University

Sleep Clinic

Sleep Disorders Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic (Qingchun Campus): Monday to Friday all day

Sleep Disorders Clinic (Qingchun Campus): Monday to Friday all day

Sleep Disorders (Shen Nei) Specialist Clinic (Phase I at Headquarters): Tuesday afternoon

Sleep Disorders Specialist Clinic (Phase 1 at Headquarters): Monday all day, Wednesday afternoon, Thursday afternoon, Friday afternoon

Sleep Disorders (Shen Nei) Specialist Clinic (Zhijiang Campus): Monday afternoon

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