Skip dinner = lose weight? Don’t be silly, doing this is chronic suicide!

Many people advocate not eating after lunchAs everyone knows,not eating dinner can not lose weightbut hurting the body! Let’s take a look at the dinner event!

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No dinner is harmfulMany friends think that , skipping dinner can help healthy weight loss. In fact, most of the water lost by skipping dinner is not only easy to rebound, but also affects our health~< span>The doctor explained that if we do not eat for a long time, stomach acid may cause damage to the gastric mucosa, and over time, diseases such as gastric ulcers will appear . Also, when you are hungry, you may not be able to resist the temptation to eat a late-night snack, and instead gain weight! We should control the amount of exercise and intake at ordinary times, so that weight loss can be multiplied with half the effort. Remind everyone, it is best not to lose weight by skipping dinner~

Photo source: The dangers of skipping dinner1Reduced resistance Our organs need adequate nutrition for the body to function properly. If you do not eat dinner for a long time, the body organs lack nutrients, then the resistance will naturally decline. If there are elderly people in the family, their metabolism and absorption capacity are weakened, and they need to supplement nutrition and have a good dinner~2Injures the spleen and stomach Often skipping dinner will hurt the spleen and stomach, this is because,When we are hungry, we secrete gastric acid. If there is too much gastric acid, it is easy to damage the gastric mucosa and cause a series of gastric diseases. 3Affects brain functionThe body’s own blood sugar is low at night. If you don’t eat dinner, the blood sugar in the body will be lower, and the brain will not get enough Nutrition, naturally also affects brain function. Especially for children who have to study at night, they must remember to eat dinner so that their memory and concentration can keep up~4 prone to gallbladder StonesMany people think that gallstones are only related to skipping breakfast. In fact, when we do not eat dinner, we are in an empty stomach, and the cholesterol concentration in the bile increases in the body, which can easily lead to gallstones. Therefore, three meals a day and a regular diet are an essential magic weapon for a healthy life. 5Easy to hypoglycemiaWhen you’re dizzy and exhausted, think about whether you’ve eaten dinner. If the human body has no energy supply for a long time, the secretion of insulin may be abnormal, resulting in a sharp drop in blood sugar levels, and even induce diabetes complications.

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