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Weight Loss Q&A

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No matter what kind of holiday is opened, Xixi has prepared special desserts for everyone during the holiday – quick questions and answers about weight loss and dry goods

During the National Day, Xixi will give simple and clear answers to the core question of weight loss

Today’s topic – Calories

The core concepts of weight loss that all weight loss people care about but do not necessarily understand

Question 01 Are calories just calories?


Some names are kcal, kcal, joule, and kilojoule

This question may be very simple for a junior high school student, but for us who have been away from school and books for a long time, the physical term of thermodynamics may be a bit unfamiliar. To recap:

The international unit of heat is the joule (J), but the joule is a very small unit. If the joule is used to calculate the daily calorie intake, about a normal adult consumes 8,360,000 joules , eight million joules. So people will use kilojoules (KJ), eight million joules is 8360 kilojoules.

The conventional unit of heat is calories, 1 calorie = 4.18 joules, so the calorie is also a small unit. The calories used to describe things and daily calorie intake are actually kilocalories (kcal) or Kcal (capitalized calorie Cal), in kcal or kcal, the daily calorie intake should be around 1800-2000 kcal

Because a calorie (actually a kilocalorie) is the most commonly used unit of heat, when we talk about calories, we mean calories.

Question 02 Can low calorie loss lead to weight loss?

Yes, low calories can lead to weight loss.

In order to prove this point, an American journalist once did an experiment, changing his diet, eating so-called “junk food” every day for a month, but controlling the calories Ingested, and as a result he managed to lose 11 pounds (about 5kg) in a month.

So the “calorie balance” theory, where the difference between calories ingested and calories expended determines weight change, is correct and irrefutable< /p>

This is the “underlying logic” of weight loss

There are so many fancy theories about weight loss these days that people seem to forget the importance of the “calorie deficit”, and while the methods of how to create a caloric deficit vary widely, the caloric deficit is the driving force The fundamentals of weight loss.

Question 03 Is low calorie healthy?


This question is a continuation of the previous one. If you can lose weight by eating junk food, why isn’t there such a way to lose weight? Because the fundamental purpose of weight loss is health, but low-calorie foods are not necessarily healthy.

Q04 Is it necessary to record calories to lose weight?

Not necessarily

Recording calories is a good way to lose weight. Recording calories scientifically, at least for a period of time at the beginning of weight loss, can make weight loss more effective.

But keeping track of calories is not an easy task. It requires a certain amount of nutritional knowledge and constant motivation. (Recording calories is a very boring thing) So there have been various researchers trying to replace human records with better technology, such as using cameras, using activity records to estimate how many calories you have ingested by recording how many times your wrist is lifted , but there is no high-tech or artificial intelligence that can replace its own heat recording.

There are many people who find that they are recording very few calories and still can’t lose weight. That’s another problem with recording heat—it’s not easy to be accurate. Unless you carry a small scale all the time, it’s difficult to keep track of all food quantities accurately, especially Chinese food has changed by cooking the amount of food ingredients, how much oil is used, and only the chef knows.

So if calorie logging isn’t for you, or you don’t want to do it, it doesn’t have to be. You can reduce your calorie intake by restricting the time you eat, slowing down the pace of eating, or feeling full and enjoying your food through mindful eating.

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