Shuiyueji/Thank you


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Today, that flower blooms in the clouds

Life is held up by your hands

My heart is a poem of crab claw

You murmur, or whisper, but always

lower your eyebrows to my bodhisattva. You appreciate


The sun shines into the window lattice, like water and honey.

You said firefly to me Renxi!

There is a flower blooming there.

A piece of fragrant grass.

A poem of crab claw orchid.

About the author: Liu Xiuhua, pen name Feng Qingyue Ming, Qingyue, Qufu people. Member of Chinese Poetry Society, member of Shandong Writers Association, signed author of Qilu Yidian, executive vice president of Quatrain Novels New Style Society, special author of “Integrity Shandong”, vice chairman and secretary-general of Qufu Writers Association. His works are scattered in domestic and foreign newspapers and periodicals such as “Poetry Trend”, “Selected Poems”, “Poetry Monthly”, “People’s Daily”, “World Daily”, “Integrity Shandong”. The work “You Are the Person I Met in Spring” (the other one) was selected into the first volume of the modern Chinese school-based textbook of the Malaysian Chinese School.

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