Shining community people ㊹|Conceive the heart of a child, seek the road to happiness

Wu Junmei, director of the Tiandeng Neighborhood Committee of Xiaodongmen Street, a student of the second phase of the “Huangpu Project”, entered the door of the “Mendong Project of Xiaodongmen Street” Talent Reserve” class students. Community work is unimaginably busy and difficult. In the days of serving residents wholeheartedly, Wu Junmei once felt helpless due to lack of experience, but more The most important thing is the happiness and satisfaction after serving the people and solving their worries.

Facing the difficulties, earning residents’ support with sincerity

Wu Junmei’s first parcel was the Greenland Celebrity Square, which was once the most high-end real estate in the Southern District, but it also Once faced with the community governance problem of the suspension of the owner committee and the imminent evacuation of the original property. There are neither building team leaders nor volunteers in the community, and all the work can only be undertaken by her alone. The tremendous pressure did not overwhelm Wu Junmei. She spent a day making a brief version of the electronic household registration book, and then started a three-week “door-to-door” operation. “Hello! My name is Wu Junmei. I’m a new cadre from the neighborhood committee. From now on, I will be in charge of the community. If you need it, you can record my phone number. Also, is it convenient to check the information of the residents with you now?” She narrowed the distance with the residents with a sincere attitude and a simple smile, so that the visit and investigation work can be carried out smoothly.

She joined hands with enthusiastic residents in the community to promote mass self-government, and formed the “Greenland Jiayuan Pioneer Team” to work with residents to clean up the overgrown weeds The “back garden”, dark and mottled parking lines, holding summer evening parties, opening small health care classes… Under her leadership, the community has become more beautiful and tidy, and she is willing to contribute to the community The number of young people and primary and middle school students has also increased, and the number of registered volunteers reached 75 at the time. Through everyone’s joint efforts, the Owners Committee has also successfully completed the reelection, and the new property company has successfully settled in the community.

Eliminate small advertisements in corridors

Be considerate and protect the happiness of residents with sincerity

“Your feelings, I care” is the service nameplate placed on Wu Junmei’s desk, and it is also her guide to action. She thinks differently from time to time, and always puts the residents’ feelings first. When doing persuasion work, she will try to accept different thinking and viewpoints, coordinate and resolve conflicts; when conducting interviews and investigations, she will do her best to protect the privacy of families in difficulty and keep their secrets secret; when formulating plans, she will also For the sake of different objects to the greatest extent, promote a win-win situation of cooperation.

Legal consultation on women’s rights

< p data-track="21">In 2018, when Wu Junmei came to the residential area of ​​Tiandeng Lane, which is fully covered by old villages below the second grade, it happened to coincide with the fourth economic census. As a census instructor, she was very practical. Measure every inch of land in the jurisdiction with both feet. At that time, her feeling was only one word “difficult”, parking, drying clothes, bathing, piling up, repairing private houses…every pile, every piece is “touching the whole body”. “Old and difficult” problem.

Cooperate with firefighters to check the scene

In order to let the neighbors enjoy a better living environment, she traveled around to contact and coordinate resources, sacrificed her rest time, and only In order to solve these “little things” of people’s livelihood for residents better and faster. Finally, with the strong support of the street, through the use of the “three meetings” system and the “Zero Distance Home” council platform, it was completed in only 3 months The installation of 61 drying racks and clothes poles and the marking of more than 100 non-motor vehicle parking lines. Residents without shower facilities at home can use the “Huimin Card” to go to the convenience service center to take a shower. The roof leaks and the drainage pipes are blocked Residents who have been troubled by such problems for a long time but “have no access to warranty” have also received professional maintenance services through the property company, and many demands of the masses have been effectively resolved.

Organize residents to participate in self-government Project

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In Wu Junmei’s view, she is not only a service provider who solves problems for community residents, but also a member of community residents. The combination of the two identities allowed her to calm down, think about problems from the perspective of residents, and actually do everything well. Community work seems insignificant, but she never slacks off and does “ordinary things” well with a pure heart, because in her heart, the smiling faces of the residents are her greatest satisfaction.