Shahezhan Town, Dongping County: Actively carry out publicity activities to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

Winter heating is closely related to thousands of households. In order to do a good job in winter heating safety and prevention work, and effectively improve the public’s awareness of carbon monoxide prevention and emergency response capabilities, Shahezhan Town, Dongping County is based on early prevention , Prevent small things, and prevent problems before they happen, adopt a variety of publicity measures to build a safety line of defense against carbon monoxide poisoning, and ensure that the masses survive the winter safely and warmly.

As winter enters, Shahe Station Town uses “Home in Shahe Station” Various publicity platforms such as WeChat public accounts, WeChat groups, and bulletin boards, as well as public places such as cultural squares and new era civilized practice stations (institutions), carry out safety publicity work on the prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Organize village cadres, village cadres and retired party members, new Volunteers of Times Civilization and grid members went into the homes of the masses together to disseminate the safety knowledge of “using fire, electricity, and gas” to the masses, explaining the manifestations, preventive measures and first aid methods of carbon monoxide poisoning on the spot, mobilizing the people in the jurisdiction to use clean and safe Heating methods, and remind everyone to use natural gas equipment or gas stoves correctly to maintain indoor air circulation and prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Especially for special groups such as the elderly, widowed elderly, and the disabled, one-on-one insurance is implemented, and the knowledge of carbon monoxide poisoning prevention is carefully and patiently explained to them, so as to improve everyone’s awareness of safety precautions.

Through publicity and explanations, the safety precautions of the general public have been further enhanced and self-protection awareness. In the next step, Shahezhan Town will continue to carry out in-depth carbon monoxide prevention publicity work, prevent and eliminate potential safety hazards, and ensure the safety of the people in the area during the winter. (Correspondent Wang Nan)