“Security Guards” come to your door! Keep safe in winter

Weifang Daily News from Weifang Financial Media In order to enhance the safety awareness of the masses, prevent carbon monoxide poisoning incidents, and let the masses spend the winter safely, the grid members of Jiulong Street, Fangzi District took measures The way of home visits is to understand the heating measures of villagers’ homes, to publicize the knowledge of carbon monoxide poisoning, and to be a “safety guard” to protect the masses.

The villagers received the clear paper.

Recently, 51 grid leaders and 85 grid workers from 51 villages in the Jiulong Street area of ​​Fangzi District have carried out house-to-house investigations of hidden safety hazards in winter heating to eliminate hidden safety hazards in heating facilities in a timely manner. Focus on households such as widowed elderly, empty-nest elderly, disabled people, and left-behind children, check the ventilation situation, check whether there are leaks in the exhaust pipes that cause explosions, etc., and ask groups such as the elderly living alone to keep heating with coal in winter The room is well ventilated, and the manifestations, preventive measures and first aid methods of carbon monoxide poisoning are explained.

In terms of publicity and education, Jiulong Street widely publicized the knowledge of preventing carbon monoxide poisoning and common sense of safe coal burning to the masses by posting posters, distributing brochures and clear papers, and distributed the clear papers on the prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning Go to every village, every household, and every family to prevent problems before they happen.

Weifang Daily All-Media Reporter: Liu Xiaojie/Text