Rush to the hot search! The owner of the online celebrity store with millions of fans was arrested, you may have bought it…

“Cutting labels”, “big-name off-the-shelf products”, “fracture prices”… An online store with millions of fans sells products through live broadcasts under these names. The products of many well-known brands in the store are sold at ultra-low prices, and the number of online viewers of each live broadcast reaches 10,000. However, there is something tricky hidden behind this store.

Recently, the tricks behind the fractured prices of big-name tail goods rushed to the hot search

The police investigation found that the shop involved in the case manufactured and sold counterfeit goods, and used various speech techniques to fool consumers during the live broadcast : “It’s all from an airship, so it’s so troublesome for me to use fake products?” >Businessmen attract people’s attention in the name of “tail goods” and “last orders”

It is actually a counterfeit production and sales gang

This online store called “Danzi Danqing Foreign Trade Brand Store” says “professionalism, focus on quality, and insist on cost-effectiveness” on the store’s introduction page. It does not directly indicate the brand name of the product, but uses some cryptic codes to show.

The delivery team claims that the products they sell are all brand-name off-stock products and last-order orders, and the quality is no different from genuine products, but the price is much lower. Such rhetoric has attracted the attention of many people . However, the police learned that the products sold in the store were fake products disguised as genuine products.

The police targeted the online shop involved in the case An investigation revealed that its actual operator was a man named Tian. After investigation, the investigators not only found out the basic structure of the gang involved in the case, but also found multiple dens other than this warehouse. In June 2021, the police arrested more than 30 suspects including Tian, ​​and seized more than 300,000 pieces of counterfeit brand clothing. The investigators investigated along the line and locked the upstream criminal gang.

The scale of the counterfeit sales dens of Tian and others shocked the investigators, and the counterfeit goods seized in the warehouse even involved dozens of well-known domestic and foreign brands.

ring Interlocking!

The police revealed the method of selling fakes in the live broadcast room

So, how did Tian imitate the authentic clothing?

——Buy authentic clothing first and then return it

According to Tian, ​​he usually pays attention to the flagship stores of some brand clothing. Will be the first to buy these products. By measuring and adjusting the genuine garments, Tian and others were able to make the final version of the imitation within one day. After that, they will purchase fake fabrics, labels and accessories, etc., and mass-produce these counterfeit goods as soon as possible.

The investigators learned that, Tian and others will consider the material, style, color and other aspects of genuine products, so that the counterfeit products they produce have a high degree of similarity. Moreover, after they have completed the production of the sample garments, they will return the genuine garments to the merchants with no reason to refund.

——attract a large number Fans pay attention to opportunistic fraud

The police noticed that the account of the store involved in the case has millions of fans on a social networking site. Content to attract fans attention. Tian and others used public accounts and social platforms to attract traffic, and gradually cultivated the attention of more fans. The live broadcast room they opened almost attracted tens of thousands of onlookers every time.

—— In the name of “last order” to attract customers to place orders with false ones

The clothes in the live broadcast room involved in the case are cheap, which would arouse people’s suspicion according to common sense, but Tian and others claimed that the products were from genuine manufacturers Reasons such as “original order” and “last order” will dispel everyone’s doubts.

Although Tian and others claimed that they purchased the goods from the foundries of various brands, in fact, after investigation by the police, this kind of rhetoric was just for them to disguise the fake products more realistically and at the same time cover up their own counterfeiting It’s just an excuse for fake sales. Moreover, Tian and others will cut off or cover the brand logo to avoid attack.

——In case of customer complaints, use words to prevaricate

Although the fakes imitated by Tian and others are quite deceptive, there are also After receiving the actual product, customers will raise some questions, such as complaining about fading, shrinking, etc. After discovering this situation, the after-sales staff will find more professional words to reply to consumers: “You buy from the Internet.The price is low, because this is a part of the stock, the quality will be slightly flawed. “

If they really can’t be fooled, the gang members will directly handle refunds and returns for customers, so as not to affect their counterfeit business due to complaints. Most consumers are psychologically concerned because the price of their clothes is not high. It’s easy to accept on the Internet, and I don’t think there is any need to complain.

Dazzled by their interests, Tian and others chose the wrong path of manufacturing and selling counterfeit goods, and even adopted many “extraordinary measures” to cover up their criminal behavior. They will eventually bear legal responsibility for this.

The Internet is not a place outside the law

Operating online stores and live streaming must abide by laws and regulations

At the same time remind consumers

Buying goods should be done through regular channels

For the gimmick selling of “fracture price”

Be cautious

(CCTV News)