Roche and Jimin Trust reached a cooperation of over US$600 million to develop a protein degrader for the treatment of prostate cancer

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On August 18, Jimin Trust announced that the Group and its subsidiary Shanghai Jiyu Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shanghai Jiyu”) and Roche and its Gene Genentech has entered into an exclusive license agreement whereby Shanghai Jiyu will exclusively license the global development and commercialization rights of the oral androgen receptor (AR) degrader JMKX002992 to Genentech.

According to the agreement, Genentech will acquire the exclusive development and commercialization rights of JMKX002992 worldwide, and bear all development and commercialization costs. To this end, Genentech will make a $60 million down payment to Shanghai Jiyu and make corresponding development and commercialization milestone payments upon reaching the milestones agreed in the agreement, up to a maximum of milestone payments. $590 million. In addition, Shanghai Jiyu will also receive a gradient commission based on net sales of cooperative products.

JMKX002992 is a new oral AR degrader independently developed by Shanghai Jiyu Small Molecule Innovation Research Institute.Androgen receptor is recognized as the driving force of prostate cancer disease factor, JMKX002992has therapeutic potential for patients with prostate cancer resistant to existing therapies.

Mr. Liang Hong, President of Jimin Trust Group, said: “We are delighted to have reached a partnership with Roche, a world-leading pharmaceutical company, and we believe that this partnership will accelerate the development of JMKX002992, allowing More patients will benefit.This is the third successful case of our innovative drug going overseas, and we are delighted to have achieved such a result in the four years since the establishment of the Shanghai R&D Center. Jimin Trust will continue to practice The corporate mission of ‘benefiting the world, benefiting the people, trusting the world’, and benefiting more patients with innovative results.”

“Prostate cancer is a significant cause of death in men worldwide,” said Dr. James Sabry, global head of external partnerships at Roche Pharma. “Certain types of prostate cancer are particularly difficult to treat. Jimin can The innovative oral AR degrader developed by Xinxin complements Roche’s work in developing innovative treatment options for advanced prostate cancer.”


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