Reveal! A 70-year-old man in Yunnan is more flexible than a young man! Rely on this century-old maintenance secret recipe!

Once, my father was the pillar of the family, and the broad shoulders were the support of the family. Mom is the head of the family

Home, the weak body takes care of the daily life of the whole family.

Now, Dad’s body is no longer as resilient as it used to be, and Mom’s hands and feet are no longer as quick as they used to be.

I have to say that as people get older, the waist, neck, legs and feet will get worse and worse: It hurts when walking, going up and down stairs, bending over, and unable to squat down strong>, the whole person is like a rusted machine, if you are not careful, you will hurt yourself.

Joint problems have become more and more younger: Sedentary for office workers, Long-term baby mothers, Inappropriate exercise Injuries, even prolonged wearing of high heels, long drives, etc., can induce joint problems.

According to statistics from relevant departments, in recent years, there are more and more patients with osteoarthritis and joint pain in our country, especially middle-aged women /strong>, more than 50% of people aged 60-75!

We are young enough to endure pain, but what about our elderly parents?

legs tremble when you walk too much, stumbles after a few flights of stairs, pain when you bend over >… Where can I see as a child.

My colleague went to Yunnan by chance, and I found the solution after listening to the sharing of local residents…

For many Yunnan people, the harsh and harsh plateau living environment, coupled with long-term outdoor labor, will cause arthritis and rheumatism to be troubled if they are not careful. And the probability of getting the disease is more than 10 times higher than that of ordinary people on land!

Farmer Taji works every day on the plateau at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters, and the temperature in summer is less than 20 degrees.

In her words, “It’s cold all year round in thick clothes.”

As a result, she would freeze, and when it rained and snowed, she would have knee pain all over her body.

It’s harder than having a baby,rolling on the bed in pain! Housework and pastoral work cannot be done.

Later, the doctor Kampot brought a mysterious plant, mashed it, and put it on her knee.

There is a warm feeling in the joints, the whole knee is not cold and painless, after a few days of application, the old damaged knee joints look like “Resurrected”!

“When I first came here, I had to walk with crutches, now my knees don’t hurt,” said Taji excitedly.

Now she’s out farming, and rainy weather doesn’t hurt anymore!

It is understood that the plants provided by Kampot are Artemisia on the snow

only available in Yunnan

This plant is also recorded in the “Anthology of Chinese Herbal Medicine in Yunnan”, which is highly praised by modern Yunnan medicine many times.

Nowadays, in order to further enhance the effect of this ancient recipe, Yunnan medical families and doctors, combined with modern technology, join Henan Academy of Sciences, and MVO Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.Collaborate.

Jointly developed Joint pain care ointment with Artemisia japonica as raw material.

I was surprised when I first got it, how useful is such a small bottle?

But when I figured out its background one by one, I realized that the strength of others is really not covered!

It is not a three-no brand, not a small factory production. Instead, mvo Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., in conjunction with a family of traditional Chinese medicine, follows the research and development of centuries-old secret medicines.

MVO ​​is a British excellent medical device brand with 20 years of professional pharmaceutical history. The R&D team consists of biological experts and experts from 6 countries including Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Dermatologist.

We have always been committed to the research of plant green raw materials in the research and development of products. We have our own industrial bases in China, the United States and Malaysia, and more than 6,000 branches all over the world >.

During the research and development process, the team conducted a comprehensive analysis of nearly 10,000 cases of joint pain and rheumatic bone disease, and continued to experiment and explore new treatment options.

It took 7 years to tackle key problems step by step, and finally a milestone breakthrough was achieved.

As soon as I got the product, I sent it to my father at home and told him to remember to apply it every day. After about half a month, the handrails were no longer needed to go down the stairs. , Bone looks a lot tougher!

I finally let go of my dangling heart.

The advantage of using this joint ointment is that the ointment itself has no limitations. Whether it is a pain in the waist and legs or discomfort in the shoulder and neck, it can be applied, no With an added bonus, people with sensitive skin can use it with peace of mind.

Use the ancient method to boil a variety of herbs into a paste, It is absorbed within 3 seconds after applying it, which can effectively relieve swelling and pain, relax Muscle

What’s even more rare is that the smell of joint cream is not unpleasant. Compared with many strange products on the market, its cream is a faint herbal smell strong>, the smell is light and not objectionable.