Repeated reminder: When the breast becomes cancerous, the body will send out 5 kinds of distress signals, do not always ignore

“If only my breasts were as small as yours, why are my breasts so big? Is there any way to shrink them?”

Small Yang is 18 years old this year, and her body is on the fat side. Her breasts are not at the same level as those of her peers. She has always admired Xiao Liu, a “flat-chested” good friend, who not only looks good in clothes, but also won’t be teased by others.

“Are you making fun of me… Because of my flat chest, I’ve been called ‘airport’ by many boys, you don’t know how much I envy you !” Xiao Liu thought that Xiao Yang was deliberately mocking her.

“How can I have it? I really don’t want such a big breast. I heard that people with bigger breasts are more likely to get breast cancer. How can you think? It’s so good…”

In the end, the two broke up.

I heard that women with large breasts are more likely to develop breast cancer? Can I get smaller if my breasts are too big? Today Xiaojiu will chat with you all.

I. Women with bigger breasts are more likely to develop breast cancer?

I don’t know since when, there is such a statement: a big breast is not good, and it is easy to get breast cancer.

First of all, we need to know that the breast is composed of mammary glands and fat, the size of the breast is mainly determined by the breast fat, and the mammary gland is mainly responsible for the secretion of milk. In other words, fat is the “shape” of the breast, and the breast is the “soul” of the breast.

In order to maintain the normality of the breast, the breast has a lot of hard work, which also makes it more prone to “failure”, which is why the breast is prone to cancer.

So breast size mainly depends on the amount of fat, whether breast cancer occurs depends on the number and density of breast glands< /span>, regardless of breast size.

What are the risk factors for breast cancer?

According to the global cancer data released by the World Health Organization, breast cancer has become the cancer with the highest new cases, accounting for 11.7% of all cancers. There are more than 410,000 breast cancer cases, accounting for 19.9% ​​of all new cancers.

This IARC report believes:The high incidence of “breast cancer” is related to fertility problems!

In this regard, Professor Wang Shouman from Xiangya Hospital of Central South University said that delaying childbearing and reducing the number of childbearing will indeed have a certain impact on breast cancer, but this is not the case. main influencing factors.

In addition, the incidence of breast cancer is also affected bypremature menarche, menopause after age 55, and female infertility, Short lactation period, overnutrition, overweight or obesityand other factors.

Second, when breast cancer changes, don’t ignore the “SOS signal”

Some people occasionally feel a small lump in their chest and suspect breast cancer.

Actually, small breast lumps may also be caused by these reasons-

menstruation: Before and after menstruation, estrogen and progesterone change, and breast tissue will also fluctuate. During the menstrual cycle, breast hyperplasia will show swelling, edema, and thickening. But as your period ends, hormone levels drop, the breast tissue heals, and the lump disappears.

Other diseases: For example, breast fibroadenomas, breast cysts, mastitis, etc. can cause breast secretion disorders, leading to Breast lumps.

How to judge whether the breast is cancerous, in addition to touching small lumps, there are also these common Symptoms of:

1, breast asymmetry, breast lumps

bilateral breast shape Changes, such as retraction and invagination on one side, and asymmetric breasts on both sides; by pressing with finger pulp, you can feel obvious lumps in the breasts, and there is tenderness, and there is local thickening.

2. Enlarged axillary lymph nodes

Press the axilla with the pulp of three fingers, A firm mass may be felt, pushable, and in advanced stages, lymph nodes may be palpated on the clavicle or in the contralateral axilla.

3. Abnormal nipple, areola

If the tumor is close to the nipple, it can affect the deformation of the nipple and cause the nipple to retract. If distance from breastElevation of the nipple occurs when the head is further away but violates the large ducts in the breast. With the development of tumor, it will also cause nipple erosion, crusting, etc., and areola edema.

4. Skin changes

An orange peel or reddening of the breast is likely Caused by breast cancer, its symptoms are similar to mastitis, and it is often misdiagnosed.

5. Nipple discharge

Nipple discharge is often caused by trauma, infection, or Caused by benign tumors, it may also be caused by breast cancer, especially bloody discharge, and it is more likely to be judged as breast cancer.

Third, breast cancer is known as the “deadly killer” of women, how to prevent it?

Breast cancer is a serious threat to the lives and health of women. What should women do to prevent the occurrence of breast cancer?

Professor Zheng Ying, director of the Cancer Prevention Department of Fudan University Affiliated Cancer Hospital, said that breast cancer prevention should focus on modifiable factors, especially the following points:


  • weight control, healthy eating

unhealthy lifestyle changes , Three meals to ensure comprehensive nutrition, low-fat diet, weight control, and keep the endocrine level stable.

  • No smoking and no alcohol< /li>

Women should pay attention to avoid tobacco and alcohol, and stay away from factors that can cause cancer, especially passive smokers.

  • Avoid estrogen abuse

Estrogen abuse can Direct endocrine disorders lead to an increased risk of breast cancer.

In addition, Academician Hao Xishan of the Chinese Academy of Engineering reminded that it is necessary to keep away from breast cancer and to do a good job of standardized screening. It is recommended that women should undergo breast MRI once a day starting from the age of 35. For high-risk groups, breast ultrasound screening should be performed once a year after the age of 40, and mammography combined with breast ultrasound screening should be performed once a year after the age of 45.

Extended – Female breasts are too big, is there a way to reduce them?

Some people envy big breasts, while others want to shrink them. Is there a way to reduce breasts that are too large?

Of course there is. Currently, for macromastitis, breast reshaping can be performed by removing overly developed mammary glands and adipose tissue, so that the breasts can be reduced and kept in perfect shape.

No matter how big or small your breasts are, health is more important. Big breasts are not the cause of breast cancer, but drug abuse, greasy diet, and breast augmentation surgery can stimulate the breasts. Induce breast disease, so to prevent breast cancer, we should first have a correct understanding of it.


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