Reminder: colonoscopy can detect early bowel cancer, people with these 5 conditions, it is best to check once a year

Rectal cancer usually refers to rectal cancer. tumor.

In recent years, the incidence and mortality of colorectal cancer in my country have been increasing year by year. From 2015 to 2016 There are about 380,000 new cases of colorectal cancer each year, and more than 550,000 new cases of colon cancer in China in 2020, among which young people are more likely to suffer.

Because of its slow onset, colorectal cancer is often called the most stupid cancer, why the incidence trend But it is increasing year by year?

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Reminder: colonoscopy can detect early bowel cancer, people with these 5 conditions, the most Check once a year.

The most reliable way to detect colon cancer is colonoscopy. Colonoscopy before surgery is of vital importance for the follow-up treatment of colorectal cancer, and the results obtained through colonoscopy are also very reliable.

The so-called colonoscopy is mainly to check the intestinal tract, especially the nature of tumors in the body , has a very ideal discrimination effect, which can also make a clearer analysis of the tumor in the body. Especially for people with special circumstances, it is best to have a colonoscopy once a year.

1. Long-term life Irregular, long-term constipation, or rectal cancer-prone areas, high-risk groups with rectal cancer patients among immediate family members, regular colonoscopy is recommended.

2. Rectal cancer mostly occurs in middle-aged and elderly people over 45 years old. It is generally recommended that people over 45 years old undergo regular Colonoscopy can help prevent rectal cancer.

3. Small lumps or foreign body sensation around the anus, even pus, feces, odor, itching, and moist symptoms , There is a sense of swelling in the anus, and even blood in the stool.

4. Unexplained blood in the stool or positive fecal occult blood, and unexplained weight loss or anemia , are likely to cause intestinal lesions, regular colonoscopy is recommended.

5. Colonoscopy must be done regularly after colon cancer surgery to understand the recovery of the colon after surgery and find out Timely treatment of tumor recurrence and metastasis.


What do I need to prepare before colonoscopy?

Don’t eat anything the night before the colonoscopy, if you really can’t bear the hunger , You can drink water or clear soup appropriately. Avoid high-fiber foods the day before your colonoscopy.

Follow the doctor’s advice and take laxatives to clean up the intestines. During the medication, you can perform abdominal massage properly to help excrete stool. In daily life, the incidence of bowel cancer is very high, but early bowel cancer is not terrible, and the probability of being cured by medical technology is very high. Early detection is particularly important. It is recommended to have regular colonoscopy to help you protect your health.



< strong>Precautions after colonoscopy?

Pay more attention to rest

During colonoscopy, the equipment will be sent into the intestinal cavity of the human body. During the process, the intestinal mucosa may be damaged, and even the symptoms of the primary disease may be aggravated, so after the colonoscopy, you should closely observe your physical condition and pay more attention to rest.

Avoid strenuous exercise

Just after the colonoscopy, avoid strenuous activities after the operation, so as not to cause local damage, which may aggravate the damage to the intestinal mucosa, so avoid strenuous exercise, which may lead to recurrence of the disease.

Eat liquid food Or semi-liquid food

At the same time, pay attention to adjusting your diet structure, you can eat some semi-liquid food appropriately Liquid food, or some liquid food, drink some millet porridge, vegetable soup and milk to let your body return to normal, and then arrange a normal diet.