Reminder: 6 kinds of “aging artifacts” hidden in food, the more you eat, the faster you age, don’t be willful

Aging is fair to everyone. As a person grows up, the functions of various organs in the body gradually decline. At this time, the collagen in the skin will also slowly lose, and signs of aging are more likely to appear.

According to the 2021 “World Health Statistics” report, the average life expectancy of Chinese people in 2019 is 77.4 years, Among them, the male is 74.7 years old, and the female is slightly longer, reaching 80.5 years old.

But in everyday life, Those who observe carefully will find that people tend to show signs of aging in advance, most of which are closely related to daily bad living habits and eating habits, so self-examination is very important.

Why do people age?

At present, scientists have not yet reached a unified conclusion on the mechanism of aging, but current research shows that human aging is generally due to the decline of stem cells in the body, DNA Degeneration, as well as the combined effects of diet, mental environment and other factors.

1. From a biological point of view, aging is a spontaneous and complex process that people must experience process. Physiology believes that aging is the history of human development from fertilized eggs to old age, while pathology believes that aging is the result of the accumulation of stress, injury, infection, immune decline, metabolic disorders and drug abuse.

2. With With the occurrence of aging, degenerative changes will occur in the body, the adaptability, immunity, etc. will all decline, and the function of the body will decline. It can be divided into naturally occurring physiological aging and pathological aging caused by pathogenic factors.

3. All creatures in nature will age, even in a very suitable environment, as time goes by, As aging progresses, the chances of getting sick and dying will gradually increase, and different individuals will show certain differences in aging.

Early signs of aging, it is recommended to know early!

1. Skin aspect: Skin aging is caused by biological changes such as cell aging An inevitable process characterized by thinning of the dermis, fragility of the skin, slow wound healing, and increased and deepened wrinkles;

2. Cardiovascular system:As the age gradually increases, the organ function of the cardiovascular system will gradually weaken, and there will be weakening of myocardial contractility and cardiac output

3. Nervous system:Aging of the body will lead to unresponsiveness, such as changes in the nervous system such as memory, judgment, and movement coordination. And the sensitivity of body temperature regulation will also be reduced, and some elderly people are also prone to Alzheimer’s disease;

4. Digestive system: After the body ages, it will also have a certain impact on gastrointestinal function , such as gastrointestinal peristalsis slows down, which affects the digestion and absorption of food, which is prone to indigestion symptoms such as loss of appetite.

reminder : 6 kinds of “aging artifacts” hidden in food, the more you eat, the faster you will age, don’t be self-willed

As the saying goes: people eat for heaven. Improper diet is likely to cause strong stimulation to one’s own health, and it will also cause irreparable damage. If you often eat the following types of food, it is more likely to accelerate the aging of the human body. I hope you can keep your mouth shut.

——Heart: trans fat

Heart function gradually declines after the age of 40, and the probability of cardiovascular disease in men over 45 and women over 50 increases significantly.

Processed meat, alcohol, high-salt, high-sugar and high-fat ingredients in food, as well as artificial vegetable oil, artificial Artificial trans fats such as cream will lead to a gradual decline in heart function, and even enter a stage of accelerated aging.

——Skin: High-salt food

Skin aging is relatively early, usually at the age of 25 Left and right, the body’s synthesis of collagen slows down, the skin will gradually lose its elasticity, and even fine lines will become more and more.

The skin has a lot to do with eating too salty. If you eat too much salt, there will be more sodium ions in the body, and more It is easy to accelerate the loss of skin moisture, resulting in increased wrinkles and freckles.

—Liver : Alcohol After the age of 65, the rate of hepatic blood flow slows down to 35% of that of adults under the age of 40.

The liver is the detoxification organ of the body. Alcohol and drugs must be metabolized by the liver. Drug toxicity and alcohol Toxicity can stimulate liver cells to cause oxidative stress, thereby accelerating the aging of the body.

— —Lungs: Tobacco

Lung function weakens relatively early, around the age of 20 Those who start to breathe, the muscles gradually become stiff and useless, and the residual gas volume increases. After the age of 40, the lungs will experience accelerated aging.

Air environment is the key to lung health. Long-term inhalation of lampblack, cigarettes, PM2.5, etc. The “culprit” that induces lung diseases accelerates the aging of the lungs and induces the appearance of lung diseases. so be sure to protectTake good care of your mouth and nose to reduce the inhalation of lung qi.

——Stomach: Big fish and big meat

The age of the stomach is “similar” to the actual age , Begin aging around the age of 45, the most direct manifestation is the atrophy of the gastric mucosa. If the function of the stomach declines, it will inevitably affect the absorption and consumption of nutrients.

The emergence of “aging stomach” has a lot to do with big fish and meat, drinking and smoking, pickled food, etc. . Especially high-salt and pickled foods are risk factors for gastric cancer, so in daily life, try to stay away from heavy-tasting foods.

— —Kidneys: Take medicine blindly

Some people pay more attention to the protection of the kidneys, because the kidneys It helps to maintain a person’s energy and energy, but when the kidney function gradually declines, it will lead to a weakened person’s energy and even affect physiological functions.

Nowadays more and more people suffer from kidney deficiency, so in daily life, we must actively To adjust your diet, you need to eat less of various foods with high salt content. Of course, you should also avoid blindly taking medicine.

The above foods, in life It is relatively common in Chinese medicine, but it will cause strong irritation to the internal organs of people. If you eat more, the aging speed will be faster. I hope everyone must control their mouths and do not act willfully.

Extension——What are the fruits that assist in anti-aging?

1, pineapple

Pineapple is a favorite of many friends, but most people don’t know that pineapple also has anti-aging effects. Pineapple is a tropical fruit. Its rich vitamins can not only lighten facial spots, make the skin moist and transparent, but also effectively exfoliate the skin, promote skin metabolism, and make the skin healthy.

People with dull skin can use gauze soaked in pineapple juice to wipe it off. Long-term persistence can whiten and rejuvenate the skin . Adding a little pineapple juice in the bath water can moisturize the skin more, especially for people with rough skin.

2. Strawberry

Strawberry is a berry with sugar content as high as 6%-10 %, and contains a variety of fruit acids, vitamins and minerals, etc., which can enhance skin elasticity and have the effects of whitening and moisturizing.

In addition, strawberries are more suitable for oily skin and have the effect of removing oil and cleaning the skin. Can be used as a beauty product. Strawberry ingredients are also added to many cleansing and nourishing facial masks now, suitable for any skin type.


Apple is rich in nutrition and is a widely used natural beauty product. It is regarded as a beauty product by many beauty lovers. Apples contain 0.3% protein, 0.4% fat, 0.9% crude fiber and various minerals, aromatic alcohols, etc.

It contains a lot of water and various moisturizing factors to moisturize the skin, and vitamin C can inhibit the skin In the calm of melanin, eating apples regularly can dilute facial freckles and chloasma. The rich fruit acids contained in apples can unclog pores and have the effect of removing acne.

4 Kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit, also known as kiwi fruit, has an average vitamin C content of 95.7 per catty Milligrams, known as the king of fruits. The vitamin C and vitamin E contained in it can not only beautify the skin, but also have anti-oxidation effect, effectively whiten the skin, eliminate freckles and acne, and enhance the anti-aging ability of the skin.

Kiwi also contains a lot of The soluble fiber of kiwifruit, the average fiber content of kiwifruit per kilogram is 2.6 grams, which can promote the metabolism of carbohydrates in the human body, help digestion and prevent constipation.