Quietly make you “acne” food, don’t eat it every day and don’t know it!

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Are you feeling more prone to breakouts in summer?

There is a reason behind this.

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Why are acne prone in summer?

|The increase in temperature increases the secretion of sebaceous glands

|Eating too much of hyperglycemic response foods

Do dairy products cause acne?

Acne in different areas?

What other foods can cause acne?

Dietary suggestions for acne breakouts


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Why is it easy to get acne in summer?

Acne, commonly known as acne, occurs for many reasons, such as:

Increased sebum secretion rate from sebaceous glands

Insufficient opening of the sebaceous duct

Excessive proliferation of certain bacteria and associated inflammatory responses.

The increase in temperature increases the secretion of sebaceous glands

Healthy skin requires the right amount of sebum and sweat glands, but in summer, “the right amount” becomes a little more difficult.

Studies have shown that every 1 degree increase in temperature increases sebaceous gland secretion by 10%. The secretion of sebaceous glands increases. First, the pores are more likely to be blocked. Second, the oil secreted to the skin surface has also increased. These changes are “good” for acne.

In addition, the sweat secretion in summer, whether it is insensitive evaporation or obvious sweating, also increases, and the sweat residue on the skin surface increases.

Increased sebum secretion and sweat residue may enable the overgrowth of bacteria on the skin surface, including Bacillus acnes, resulting in skin problems such as acne and folliculitis probability increases.

High glycemic response foods

The food that has the greatest impact on acne is high blood sugar response, such as ice cream, milk tea, and sweet drinks that we love to eat and drink in summer.

Because one of the most common mechanisms is that when your blood sugar rises, your sex hormone binding globulin levels drop and you can’t bind more of the free male hormone testosterone.

Testosterone may be converted into DHT, causing your sebaceous glands to overproduce, which in turn may increase oil production, allow various bacteria to overproduce, and then this microenvironment can cause your skin Symptoms such as acne appear.

So improving acne can start by limiting foods with a high glycemic index. Many clinical trials have also found that a diet with a low glycemic index can significantly improve some acne problems.

Do dairy products cause acne?

Dairy-induced acne is still somewhat controversial. There is a consensus that skim milk has a significant effect on acne (especially men), and whey protein It is the important “suspect” of acne-induced acne in dairy products. [1]

There are case reports in athletes who did not have acne breakouts who were given a large weekly supplement of whey protein (in which leucine is beneficial for muscle growth) in order to build muscle, and after about five months , these athletes developed acne problems to varying degrees, and the problems improved accordingly when whey protein supplementation was discontinued. [1]

What other foods can cause acne?

Foods like chocolate and fattening foods have also been found in some evidence to be associated with acne.

There are also some foods with very high iodine content, such as kelp, iodine tablets, some people may be very sensitive, and eating a lot of them can easily induce you of acne.

Of course, it is not good if you completely avoid iodine, especially my country as a whole is actually a country with more iodine deficiency, and normal iodine supplementation is still needed, including iodized salt. Eat, just say you have to pay attention to the amount of salt you use, relatively speaking, limit it.

There are many people who say that eating barbecue and hot pot will cause acne, but in fact, the relevant research evidence in this area is not sufficient. If you do have this phenomenon on your body, it may be that your face is exposed. I didn’t wash my face properly after being sweaty in a soot environment, which induced some bacterial infections.

It may also be that the sugar-sweetened beverages or beer served with hot pot barbecues caused the blood sugar to rise.

Spiciness is a pain sensation that may boost your blood circulation and cause contractions in some muscles that have receptors.Spiciness has no negative effect on acne.

What are the different areas of acne?

Some friends may say that acne is a sign of physical problems, acne on the chin is because of bad xxx, acne on the nose is because of xxx…

Actually, the part has no particular significance. Unless you’re mistaking some other skin condition for acne, when it comes to acne, the different parts don’t really mean much.

Dietary suggestions for acne breakouts

In general, if you have acne problems, it is better to adjust your diet. The key is not to let blood sugar levels fluctuate drastically, and avoid eating coke, sweets, white bread and other high GI values ​​alone. If you really want to eat food, it is recommended to add some vegetables and protein-rich foods.

At ordinary times, pay attention to the thickness of the staple food, the appropriate amount of animal food, and the taste as light as possible.

Supplementation of n-3 unsaturated fatty acids and beta carotene may be effective for some people, but the most important thing is to control blood sugar! Taking advantage of high blood sugar after meals and exercising is more useful than eating supplements!

If these acne problems persist, be sure to seek help from a dermatologist.