Qili Township, Kecheng District: Revitalize tourism projects rich in resources

There are seven administrative villages in Qili Township, Kecheng District, July 2021 , Seven administrative villages set up strong village companies. By integrating the advantageous resources of each village, they develop service industries such as farmhouses, homestays, and rafting in a group, which further drives the income of the villagers and the village collective.

As the temperature gradually rises, Xiangxi rafting in Qili Township has also become a popular check-in spot. At 10:30 in the morning, the first group of tourists had already put on their equipment and boarded the drifting boat. The moment the floodgates opened, the tourists also followed the trend, accompanied by the cicadas and the babbling of the stream, and felt the passion and pleasure brought by rafting. . Cheng Yang, a tourist, said: “I came here because of Xiangxi rafting in Qili Township. This place is very beautiful and beautiful. I can bring my family to go around on weekends, and I can also stay in a B&B in the mountains.”

It is understood that due to the impact of the epidemic, Xiangxi Rafting has been away for three years. This time it reopens, the management party has changed from individual contractors to seven administrative villages in Qili Township. Joint management, the staff are also from the villagers in the nearby villages, and they earn more than 100 yuan per day by working outside the home. “From July 16th received tourists, and so far it has received about 1,600 visitors. We come every morning at seven o’clock for training, and there are about 21 people including me.” Xu Jianzhong, head of Xiangxi Rafting in Qili Township, said.

Experienced rafting with passion, and many tourists will choose to stay at a homestay in Qili for one night. Lai Yingting, head of Jielu Mijing Homestay in Datou Village, Qili Township I told reporters that the summer vacation is the peak season for the homestay industry, and the current bed orders have been placed in mid-August. Lai Yingting, the head of Jielu Mijing B&B in Qili Township, said: We are also cooperating with their company. By booking tickets with us, guests can enjoy certain discounts, and we can also benefit from each other.

Wu Jianhua, Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch of Datou Village, Qili Township, Kecheng District, said that “the seven villages have achieved group development and introduced drifting “Qili has a plot of land” camping base The project will drive the development of homestays and farmhouses, and then we will operate some public infrastructure scenic spots and develop special agricultural products, thereby driving the development of tourism in the entire township and achieving common prosperity.” Qiangcun Company will carry out the advantageous industries of each village. Integration, there are more than 200 farmhouses and more than 80 homestays settled in it. In the future, with the further integration of advantages, the seven villages will continue to deepen cooperation and development.

(Reporter of Blue Media Alliance·Kecheng District Rong Media Center: Tong Yuanyuan Wang Yang Ge Jinxi Correspondent: Wei Mengmeng Zhang Qi)

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