Pulling your hair, biting your nails… what have you done to your body to de-stress?

In the fast-paced life, whether it is an urban white-collar office worker or a student studying in school, they are all facing more or less pressure. Some people are able to relieve stress and relax themselves very well, while others are overwhelmed by pressure and keep repeating some small actions to relieve stress.

When nervous and anxious, people may release stress by disrupting their bodies, such as pulling hair, picking scalps, biting nails, squeezing pimples, and tearing hands. If these behaviors are repeated over a long period of time, our bodies can be damaged: hair all over the floor and sparse on the head, bloody fingers and jagged nails, bumps and wounds on the face…

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When stress is high, what do you do to your body to de-stress? Welcome to click on the questionnaire to share with us, and also to talk about how you usually relieve stress.

Editor: Ying Wen