Professor Wang Zhentao’s sharing of typical cases in the diagnosis and treatment of palpitations (484)

General condition:Patient Shi , female, 58 years old, Han, from Huaxian County, Henan Province, history of drug allergy: none. First visit on March 15, 2016.

Complaint:Intermittent precordial discomfort for more than 3 months.

History of present illness: The patient had no obvious cause in the precordial area in the past 3 months Unwell, had checked the electrocardiogram in the local area and showed premature beats, but was not treated. Now the above symptoms have recurring episodes, accommodating, normal sleep, and two stools. Pale red tongue, thin white fur, thin pulse. Past medical history: Denied other medical history. Blood pressure: 110/72mmHg, heart rate 76 beats/min, regular heart rate.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis:palpitations

Syndromes:Qi-yin deficiency, blood stasis and heat intertwined

Treatment:Yin and Qi, and serum fever

< span>Prescription for initial diagnosis: Re-visit on April 16, 2016: The patient’s symptoms in the precordial area were relieved after taking the drug, and he did not complain of other discomfort. Two stools, dark red tongue, thin white coating, deep and thin pulse. BP: 106/72mmHg.

Treatment: The decoction continued on March 15th. 15 doses, decocted in water, one dose a day, divided into two warm doses.

Note:This disease belongs to the motherland medicine” In the category of “palpitations”, traditional Chinese medicine has certain advantages in the treatment of this disease. In this case, combined with the medical history, it must be due to deficiency of both qi and yin, and the syndrome of stasis and heat intertwined. This recipe is composed of Sishenyin combined with Anshen Dingzhi Pills. We have confirmed through a series of preliminary studies that this recipe is effective in treating palpitations due to qi-yin deficiency and stasis-heat syndrome. In the recipe, Codonopsis pilosula invigorates Qi and invigorates the spleen; Salvia miltiorrhiza is bitter and cold, clears the vent, enters the heart and liver meridians, and has the effect of eliminating vexation and calming the nerves; Returns the heart and lung meridians, nourishes yin and moistens the lungs, clears the heart and soothes the mind, the lotus seed is better than the heart to clear the heart and eliminates vexation; stir-fried jujube benevolence calms the mind and soothes the mind; tea tree root, Huixin grass nourishes qi and activates blood, clears heat and calms palpitations;