Professor Jia Bing, an expert in pediatric cardiothoracic surgery, died at the age of 58

In his more than 30 years as a doctor, he has saved the lives of many children with congenital heart disease

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At 12:17 on September 26, 2022, Professor Jia Bing, deputy head of the Thoracic Surgery Group of the Chinese Society of Pediatric Surgery and director of the Cardiovascular Center of the Children’s Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, was ineffective due to illness. Died at Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University at the age of 58.

Professor Jia Bing specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart disease in children. Co-director of the Cardiovascular Specialist Alliance of the Medical Center, and won the title of “Top Ten Congenital Heart Surgeons in China”.

In his more than 30 years of medical career, he has performed more than 6,000 pediatric cardiothoracic surgeries, promoted the early diagnosis and early treatment of congenital heart disease in my country, and saved countless fragile lives. His passing is a major loss to the field of pediatric cardiac surgery in my country.

Dr. Jia Bing

Rooted in pediatric cardiothoracic surgery, saved the lives of many children

In 1988, Jia Bing started working after graduating from medical school. Because of his interest in surgery, he chose the direction of pediatric cardiothoracic surgery by chance.

He once recalled: “In the early 1980s, pediatric cardiothoracic surgery in our country was just getting started. When I entered this field, the specialty was still in the stage of infant development. Compared with now, the number of children with congenital heart disease in the hospital is much lower.”

Relevant data show that there are many children with congenital heart disease, and the incidence rate of full-term neonates in live births is 6‰-8‰. According to statistics from the World Health Organization, about 1.5 million children worldwide are born with congenital heart disease every year. In China, the number is 150,000 to 200,000 per year, and the high fatality rate and difficulty in treatment have become a burden on many families.

At the beginning of work, Jia Bing discovered in the outpatient clinic that many children with congenital heart disease did not come back to the hospital before the treatment stage, whether it was a simple or complex cause. “It makes me sad, and it’s a pity for those children who can be treated within the technical capabilities.”

In addition to the parents’ low willingness to treat, the medical level at the time was unable to handle more complex conditions. In the early stage of the development of pediatric cardiothoracic surgery, if you encounter a type of child such as “complete transposition of the great arteries”, the operation is very difficult. my country only started to try it in the early 1990s, and it has repeatedly failed, lagging behind developed countries in Europe and the United States by nearly 20 years. .

This made Jia Bing feel “helpless and powerless” and motivated him to make continuous progress in this field. In 2000, Jia Bing was sent to study abroad. During the same period, there were reports of successful operations in China, but they were very rare. During his study abroad, he seized all the opportunities for observation and research, in order to return to China to pick up his scalpel and save more children.

With the heavy expectation that “the child will die without treatment, and there is still a glimmer of hope for receiving treatment”, after returning to China, he analyzed the operation and research data, and continuously improved the operation plan. Transposition” had its first successful operation in October 2001.

The pace of exploration has never stopped, and his surgery has become more and more mature in the continuous running-in. As of December 2014, Fudan Pediatric Hospital has performed 336 cases of transposition of the great arteries, and since 2007, the success rate of the operations has reached 97%.

In children’s heart surgery, the success rate of congenital heart disease surgery in the hospital is about 98%, and more than 90% of patients do not need further intervention after successful surgery, saving the lives of many children.

Promote early diagnosis and early treatment of congenital heart disease

The Cardiovascular Center of the Children’s Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University is the earliest cardiovascular center in China, and Professor Jia Bing is the third director.

As a doctor, he specializes in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of congenital heart disease and pediatric chest diseases. He has treated children with the youngest age for surgery, a newborn who was only 11 hours old.

Professor Jia Bing once said that there are many surgical methods for children with congenital heart disease, and individualized treatment is particularly important. In addition, the newborn’s delicate tissue makes the surgical operation extremely difficult. In the cardiovascular center, congenital heart disease constitutes 70%-80% of the entire center’s business volume, and the number of critically ill patients with low body weight and young age ranks among the top in the country.

Having performed thousands of surgeries, Jia Bing has always been concerned about the living conditions of the children, paying attention to and promoting the early diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart disease. He once said: “In many places, our newborns with congenital heart disease cannot be treated, some because of ignorance, they feel that congenital heart disease is not good, and they give up; there are also parents who think that congenital heart disease will grow better when they grow up, all of them are Ignorance and misunderstanding.”

Under his impetus, for the past 10 years, the Cardiovascular Center of Fudan University Pediatric Hospital team has been devoted to the research of newborn congenital heart disease screening, hoping to leave birth within 72 hours. The disease was detected by professional evaluation before the hospital and intervened as soon as possible.

Since then, the Cardiovascular Center he led has established a National Neonatal Congenital Heart Disease Collaborative Network, with more than 60 member units from different regions of the country, each hospital has a team, and whenever there is a problem, Immediately synchronize with the Jia Bing team.

In 2014, Jia Bing’s team published the first high-quality paper in Chinese pediatrics (SCI score 42) in The Lancet, which was later translated into government policy, and successively published in Shanghai and National promotion of “Newborn Congenital Heart”disease screening”.

In addition, the Pediatric Hospital of Fudan University has set up more than ten charitable foundations to help children with congenital heart disease. In 2020 alone, various types of charitable relief funds have reached 9 million, benefiting more than 400 Children with congenital heart disease bring infinite hope to children and their families.

In order to find more children with congenital heart disease and bring them the most timely and effective treatment, Professor Jia Bing’s team also went to remote areas across the country, not only saving many critically ill patients with congenital heart disease It has also improved the awareness and diagnosis and treatment ability of medical staff in remote and grass-roots areas on congenital heart disease.

He once said that more preventive screening, diagnosis and treatment centers for pediatric congenital heart surgery will be established to bring health and hope to children and families in need. “I have never thought of changing careers. It seems that I have become more and more determined. With my professional growth, I feel very valuable to be able to help this group of people.”

Professor Jia Bing has represented the professional height of pediatric cardiac surgery in my country for more than 30 years and is highly recognized by his peers. Patients who received his treatment said he was “a good doctor with a good attitude and no pretense.”


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