Pro-pet paradise, woodland camping. . . . . . Come to Jinshan to experience a happy journey~

The breeze is gentle and the sun is just right

On weekends, you can take a vacation in Jinshan~

Jinshan implements the national and Shanghai’s strategic requirements for rural revitalization, responds to Shanghai’s “suburban unit (village) planning”, and has achieved a number of “suburban unit” construction results with its unique geographical and Yangtze River Delta location advantages.

Li Yangyang, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of Jinshan Culture and Tourism Bureau: Jinshan has particularly rich tourism resources and convenient transportation. Moreover, the distance between us and the city center is relatively moderate, especially in line with the development requirements of “suburban units”. We launched the first country unit plan in 2018. At present, we have achieved many achievements such as “Langxia Country Park” and “Mingyue Mountain Pond”. The pet paradise and woodland camping are all good choices for everyone to play.

In recent years, Jinshan has taken the development of global tourism as the starting point, and has strengthened the coordinated planning with the cultural tourism development strategy in the Yangtze River Delta region with a more open mind. When the countryside is activated, young people who have left their hometowns rediscover the beauty of their hometowns and return to their hometowns to seek “the classics of getting rich”.

B&B operator Cao Yuefang: Many young people who have returned home have come to inquire about how the homestay is arranged and operated. I am very happy and encourage everyone to do it together. Because more stores can become a trend, and only when we form a group can we conquer the world. We cooperate and communicate with each other, and the development of this industry will definitely get better and better.

Langxia Country Park has 10,000 acres of fertile fields; Luxiang Fruit Park is fragrant in the four seasons; the flowers bloom in the marine ecological park, and the fragrance of flowers is overflowing… In Jinshan, there is no such thing as “the weather is just right, where to go to live up to it” Troubles; in Jinshan, the “face value” of pastoral and coastal areas has been transformed into “value”; in Jinshan, Jiangnan culture and farming culture have been endowed with new connotations. Today, “Jinshan Picturesque” has become the cultural symbol and cultural self-confidence of Jinshan. It is believed that Jinshan will burst into new vitality in the regional transformation and development.

(Source: i Jinshan)