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Jichuan Fried

senile constipation

Zhao Mou, female, 78 years old, retired cadre, first diagnosed on November 23, 1998. In the past 5 years, constipation has recurred, and the stool is dry and hard to resolve. I have taken Maren Runchang Pills, Senna, Laxatives and other medicines successively. Although the stool can be relieved, it is not smooth, and it is repeated from time to time. The symptoms have been in the past 3 weeks. Aggravated, accompanied by abdominal distension and abdominal pain, loss of appetite, headache, irritability, poor sleep. The tongue is reddish, the coating is thin and white and dry, and the pulse is thin and stringy. The disease is senile constipation, and the card is a deficiency of vitality and dereliction of duty. The method is to nourish the qi and moisten the intestines, lower the qi and clear the bowels. Recipe to take Ji Chuanjian plus or minus: raw astragalus, angelica, peach kernel, whole melon, Achyranthes sichuan, chrysanthemum, citrus aurantium, 10g each, almond, cistanche, raw Atractylodes, 30g each. Scrophularia each 30g. 1 dose a day, water Fried. Second diagnosis: After taking 6 doses of medicine, the constipation was slightly reduced, the abdominal distension remained, and the tongue and pulse were the same as before. Add wine rhubarb 6g above, and then take 8 doses. The third diagnosis: smooth stool, abdominal distension and abdominal pain resolved, headache relieved, appetite and sleep improved, spirit improved, pale tongue, thin white coating, thin pulse, remove rhubarb, and continue to take 6 doses. Fourth diagnosis: the condition is stable, the symptoms are not repeated, and the patient is instructed to drink more water and increase the amount of activity appropriately. (Yang Minghui. Selected Case Tests of Zhao Guanying·Beijing: Xueyuan Press, 2003)

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Patient, female, 49 years old. After total hysterectomy, often feel cold in limbs, weak waist and knees, fatigue and sleeplessness, hot flashes and night sweats, dizziness, tinnitus and heart palpitations, weak stool, once every 3 days or longer, pale tongue with teeth marks , yellowish greasy fur, weak pulse. Prescription: Alisma 10g, Cohosh 10g, Achyranthes 10g, Cistanche 12g, Fried Cistanche 10g, Fried White Peony 15g, Angelica 8g, Cinnamon 3g, Ginger Pinellia 12g, American Ginseng 8g, Turtle Glue 6g, Black Plum 10g, Rehmannia 10g , 12g of dogwood meat, 10g of vines, and 6g of raw licorice. This is a typical case of debilitating constipation. The patient has been ill for a long time and lacks physical activity. Due to the operation, the digestive function of the spleen and stomach is weakened, and he often feels poor appetite. Using Jichuan Chuanjian can increase his gastrointestinal motility and bring forth new ideas. Licensed medication. After taking 5 doses at the first consultation, the body feels light and comfortable. After the second consultation, the dosage of individual drugs in the original prescription can be adjusted appropriately. It is recommended that they intentionally form correct bowel habits in the future and pay more attention in their daily life. [Lu Yonghong, Zhao Yushu. Jichuanjian a booster for deficiency constipation. Chinese Medicine Guide, 2012, 10(10): 643)

Elderly constipation

Zhang, female, 60 years old, came to the clinic for “5 years of constipation”. Symptoms include constipation for 2 to 3 days, dry and hard stools, feeling of incomplete defecation, long-term dependence on laxative drugs, ineffectiveness, fear of cold, dull tongue, white coating, low pulse, and previous health. For the treatment, Ji Chuan Jian plus Cynomorium and Hemp Seeds: Cistanche 18g, Achyranthes 12g, Angelica 10g, Aurantium Fructus 12g, Alisma 12g, Cimicifuga 9g, Betel nut 15g, Hemp Seed 12g, Cynomorium 12g. 7 doses, after taking the 1st dose, one bowel movement a day, after 7 doses, the bowel movements returned to normal.

Note: Although the pathogenesis of constipation is different between cold and heat deficiency, Professor Zhang Tiezhong believes that deficiency is the main cause of constipation in the elderly, especially kidney deficiency. key pathogens. The kidney controls the five fluids, opens the orifices in the two yin and controls the two defecations, and when the kidney yang is weak, the lower yuan is not warm, and the qi transforms weakly. > Long and see constipation. Therefore, for the elderly patients with constipation, warming the kidney and nourishing essence and moistening the intestines are the main methods of treatment. Jichuanjian can be used as the basic recipe for addition and subtraction during treatment. The principle of treatment is “use the general method and adjust the qi machine”. Jichuanjian is suitable for various syndrome types of senile constipation. Rhubarb and Glauber’s salt should be used with caution in the treatment of senile constipation, not for a short time. Jichuan decoction is mild but ineffective. According to the different pathogenesis of the disease, it can be added or subtracted as appropriate: Synomorium yang for those with yang deficiency; , For those with stagnant Qi and accumulation, add coke betel nut, Magnolia officinalis, Muxiang, and Dabelpi, for those with heat and heat accumulation, add Shanzhi and hemp seed, for those with phlegm heat and damp heat, add whole melon, citrus aurantium, and for those with phlegm-dampness. Add Atractylodes and Poria, add Astragalus and Atractylodes for those with qi deficiency, and add Hemp Seed and Yu Liren for hard stools. [Li Qiubing, Zhang Tiezhong, Zhao Dong. Summary of Zhang Tiezhong’s application and development of prescriptions. Chinese Journal of Basic Medicine of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2010, 16(9):837-838, 788]


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