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Recent , the epidemic situation in our province is severe

More Continuously reporting local confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia >In order to prevent aerosol transmission

No Few citizens have used various methods

Like a water bag blocking the floor drain, pouring water into the floor drain…

If you want to stop the spread of viruses

< span style='color: rgb(79, 129, 189);font-size: 16px;font-family: Microsoft YaHei, "Microsoft YaHei";'>Correct disinfection is one of the effective ways

How to disinfect at home?

What are the common misunderstandings of home disinfection ?

Please accept this guide< /span>

How to disinfect at home?

1. Environmental disinfection

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Home protection should start with Cleanliness and sanitation are the main focus, supplemented by preventive disinfection.

  1. Room ventilation: Do a good job in the sanitation and cleaning of the home environment, open the windows frequently for ventilation, and open the windows for ventilation 2 to 3 times a day, 20 to 30 minutes each time. When the temperature is suitable, the windows can be kept open.

  2. Toilet Disinfection: Regularly clean and disinfect the sanitary ware and floor in the toilet. When there are dirty or moldy spots on the surface, clean and disinfect in time. 2000mg/L chlorine-containing disinfectant can be used to wipe and disinfect the urinal and its surrounding areas; toilet doorknobs, faucets and other parts that are frequently touched by hands can be used The available chlorine is500mg/L chlorine-containing disinfectant or other disinfectants that can be used for surface disinfection.

  3. Sewer disinfection: Once a week, Put about a cup of water or a cup of 500mg/L effective chlorine disinfectant Pour into each floor drain to form a water seal.

Second, Item Disinfection

  1. Mesa You can choose to wipe, spray, soak and disinfect the surface of objects such as door handles. When disinfecting, use chlorine-containing disinfectant containing 250mg/L to 500mg/L of available chlorine to wipe, and then wash it with clean water, at least 1 day per day. Second-rate. Use a chlorine-containing disinfectant containing 250mg/L to 500mg/L of available chlorine for wet mopping every day.

  2. Receive When express delivery, use 75% ethanol disinfectant or chlorine disinfectant< /span>Wipe or spray the outer packaging of the express delivery, etc., discard the outer packaging in time after unpacking, and do a good job of hand hygiene.

  3. TablewarePreferred boiling disinfection15 minutes, also available 250mg/L~ Soak in 500mg/L chlorine-containing disinfectant solution for 15 minutes and then wash with water.

  4. Electronic products, small personal items, etc.You can usealcohol disinfectant Wipe and disinfect with cotton balls and disinfectant wipes.

Three, personal hygiene and disinfection

  1. Hand Hygiene:< /strong>You can choosealcohol-containing quick-drying hand disinfectant or alcohol compound quick-drying hand disinfectant , or directly wipe and disinfect with 75% ethanol disinfectant. Wash your hands with running water, use soap or hand sanitizer, and carefully clean fingertips, palms, and wrists.

  2. Garbage cleaning: Clean up domestic garbage every day, put it in a special trash can, before cleaninguse 500mg/L of available chlorine~ Spray and disinfect with 1000mg/L chlorine-containing disinfectant until it is completely wet, then tie the plastic bag tightly, and the outer layer can be disinfected with chlorine containing 500mg/L-1000mg/L of available chlorine after packing Disinfect it by spraying it with disinfectant, and then throw it away with other household garbage.

Learned the correct disinfection method< /p>

Also pay attention to the correct use

In the process of disinfection

< p>Many small partners have made the following common mistakes

Come and see if you have been recruited< /p>

What are the common misunderstandings of home disinfection?


The higher the concentration of disinfectant, the better

The higher the concentration of the disinfectant, the better,< strong>The concentration is too low to achieve the desired disinfection effect. Disinfectants are irritating and corrosive to a certain extent. Excessive concentrations will not only damage objects, but may also cause harm to human health.


different Types of disinfectants mixed

The mixed use of different types of disinfectants may produce antagonism and influence The original disinfection effect, and may cause chemical reactions to cause harm.

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Do not carry out personal Protection

Disinfectants are irritating and corrosive to a certain extent, and personal protection (such as wearing masks, gloves, etc.) is required when preparing and using them To prevent irritation and damage to the human body when using disinfectant.


indoor Spray alcohol disinfectant for disinfection

Ethanol disinfectant has a low ignition point, and there is a danger of deflagration when it encounters open flame or high heat. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid using a large amount of ethanol disinfectant in a closed environment, especially to avoid the use of spray disinfection. Try to wipe, smear, and spray small areas and small areas for disinfection, and keep the room ventilated when in use.


Spray disinfectant on people and clothes

< span style='font-size: 16px;font-family: Microsoft YaHei, "Microsoft YaHei";'>Generally speaking, personal clothing is less likely to carry the new coronavirus; On the one hand, direct spraying will cause irritation and damage to people, and at the same time, because the spraying time is too short and the amount of spraying is too small, the disinfection effect cannot be achieved.

Finally remind everyone again

Disinfection protection is good though

But it must be disinfected scientifically and rationally

Do personal protection

can effectively deal with “cunning” viruses!

Source:Guangdong CDC

Editor: Wen Jialin Xu Rumeng

Responsible editor: Chen Guangtai< /p>

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