Powerful alliances empower the development of traditional Chinese medicine

Weifang Daily News from Weifang Financial MediaOn November 23, the signing ceremony for the cooperation between China Traditional Chinese Medicine Valley and Zhejiang Yuanren Medicine (the scientific and technological transformation achievements of Zhejiang University of Technology) was held in the China Traditional Chinese Medicine Valley Building.

Site of the signing ceremony.

At the signing ceremony, Liang Liang, chairman of Zhejiang Yuanren Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., said that China Traditional Chinese Medicine Valley is the first Internet service platform for the “big health” industry in China. This time, he chose to cooperate with China Traditional Chinese Medicine Valley. It is precisely the business philosophy and resource advantages of the fancy platform. In this cooperation, the two parties will cooperate in traditional Chinese medicine health care industry, health products, health care real estate (including health care hotels, medicated restaurants, health care industrial parks, medicinal plant breeding bases), cultural health care tourism, etc., to achieve resource sharing, Mutual benefit and win-win situation will help the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine.

Site of the signing ceremony.

It is understood that since the establishment of China Traditional Chinese Medicine Valley, it has taken “serving human health and empowering the health care industry” as its strategic goal. At present, China Traditional Chinese Medicine Valley Building has attracted many advantageous projects to settle in. Progress is good. Zhou Fangwang, founder of China Traditional Chinese Medicine Valley and chairman of Weifang Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Association, said that the strategic cooperation with Zhejiang Yuanren Pharmaceutical is a strong alliance, mutual benefit and win-win. China Traditional Chinese Medicine Valley will fully implement the Party’s 20 The great spirit supports and promotes the innovation and development of traditional Chinese medicine, promotes the construction of the concept of healthy China and preventive treatment of diseases, and continuously explores in the fields of cultural inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine, high-end diagnosis and treatment services, and research and development of health products, so as to improve the quality of life and health of the whole people and improve the happiness index of people’s life.

Zhejiang Yuanren Pharmaceutical Technology Liang Liang (middle), chairman of the company, made a product promotion.

Weifang Daily All-Media Reporter: Wang Cui/Wentu