[Popular Science] Bringing a mobile phone when going to the toilet will cause these changes in the body…

Have you noticed that mobile phones have become the “most important thing” in our lives without knowing it.

Even in the bathroom “Mobile phone” is no less important than “toilet paper”.

Although it seems It’s not a big deal, but it’s a lot of harm——

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Playing with mobile phones while defecating , small problems come to the door

Before the topic starts, you may wish to recall how long is your “longest pit record”? Is there a mobile phone among them?

So, when you poop Have you ever understood the consequences of playing with mobile phones?


hemorrhoids aggravated

Going to the bathroom and playing with your phone Increases the risk of hemorrhoids.

Research shows that squatting If it takes more than 3 minutes, the veins in the anal area will be congested and congested, which will induce hemorrhoids.


< span>Difficulty defecating

For those who have difficulty defecating, the more they want to pass the waiting time by playing with their mobile phones, the more they will deliberately suppress the generation of “defecation”. Weaken or even disappear, leading to constipation.


Lower extremity veins Thrombosis

After squatting in the toilet for a long time, many people will feel “leg numbness”.

In fact, if the long-term Excessive defecation time will not only cause “leg numbness”, but also increase the risk of lower extremity venous thrombosis, which can be fatal in severe cases.


Insufficient blood supply to the brain

If you squat for a long time, the blood will flow downward, and when you stand up suddenly, you will also experience orthostatic hypotension, short-term insufficient blood supply to the brain, and feel dizzy.


damage to the heart

For people with heart and brain People with vascular diseases, squatting or sitting for a long time caused by going to the toilet for a long time will increase the oxygen consumption of the myocardium, which can seriously induce arrhythmia, angina pectoris and even myocardial infarction and other diseases.

See this, Do you still want to take your phone to the toilet?


1. How long is the best time to go to the toilet?

When the stool accumulates to a certain volume, it will be transmitted to the cerebral cortex through rectal stimulation to produce a defecation reflex.

During normal bowel movements, The stored feces will be discharged at one time, usually only 3 to 5 minutes, and there will be no need to defecate after defecation.

If more than 5 minutes You should get up immediately if you do not feel the urge to defecate, and then go to the toilet when you feel better.

2 .Does the mobile phone need to be disinfected after taking it to the toilet?


After going to the toilet, not only To wash your hands, it is best to regularly clean the surface of the mobile phone to remove attached toilet microorganisms.

However, the best The best way is to go to the toilet without a mobile phone.

Don’t play on your phone for too long!

“Mobile phone is not out of hand” is the normal life of modern people, in addition to going to the toilet with a mobile phone will be harmful to health, from the perspective of Chinese medicine, The following injuries have also been linked to excessive cell phone use –




Traditional medicine believes that “the spirit is guarded, and the disease is safe.”

meaning, Only when the root of mind is pure and not obsessed with trivial matters can one live a comfortable and healthy life.

Look at your phone every day, Receiving a lot of information can easily stimulate the mind, make people uneasy, and lack inner peace and happiness.


Hurt qi

Chinese medicine believes , the essence of the five internal organs and six internal organs all ascend to the head and face.

Breath movement to maintain The state of the body is very important. When the human body is “satisfied”, the process of exhaling and exhaling raises the clearness and lowers the turbidity, which can expel sickness.

But stare at When using the mobile phone, the breath of the human body will sometimes tense and relax according to the information, video and other content, which will disrupt the basic law of breath operation, and the physical fitness will naturally deteriorate.

In addition, some people I also like to wear headphones when playing with mobile phones. Excessive use of ears will hurt my mood.

The ear is the organ of the kidney Lord, the ear is connected to various channels. The meridians that run directly through the ear include the Sanjiao Meridian, the Gallbladder Meridian, the Small Intestine Meridian, the Stomach Meridian, and the Bladder Meridian. In addition, other collaterals run through the ear. Therefore, the ear is where the meridians gather. place.

Excessive ear use, It will damage the qi of the twelve meridians.



The “Huangdi Neijing Su Wen Pian” says: “Looking for a long time hurts the blood”, which means that the eyes and blood are most closely related.

Long staring The screen, first, the blood flow is not smooth, which will lead to qi stagnation and blood stasis; second, excessive use of the eyes will consume blood and affect vision.

The liver opens up to the eyes , the eyes can see clearly only when they are nourished and nourished by the essence and blood of the liver. If there is no nourishment or nourishment, the eyes will be dry and astringent.

How to use the mobile phone correctly?

As an indispensable device for social work and communication, mobile phones are completely unrealistic, but they must be used scientifically.


Avoid prolonged See

Electronic Product List It should not exceed 15 minutes at a time, and the continuous eye use time for reading and writing should not exceed 40 minutes. Every 40 minutes or so, you should take a 10-minute break.

The way to rest is Do the “eye-turning exercise”, and after waking up before going to bed every day, the eyeballs will turn 36 times clockwise and counterclockwise.


Use headphones less

Use Use external speakers as much as possible for mobile phones, and don’t wear headphones for a long time.


Regular breaks

Finish processing with mobile phone After the incident, you should pay attention to peace of mind, learn to deal with one thing and throw one away, and avoid overthinking.


Drink tea properly

If it is unavoidable to use the mobile phone for a long time, you can use rose, wolfberry and other tea instead of tea.

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