“Pinch” the signs of baby’s accumulated food and cough

Having hot pot with Yangyang’s mother last weekend. The adults were lively eating and chatting, but Yang Yang didn’t move a single chopstick. How could the adults at the same table see this scene, and they all said: “Yangyang sees that you are thin, if you don’t eat meat, your younger brother will be taller than you. Come on, eat more.”But Yang Yang kept shaking his head, pursed his lips, his face became more and more red, and finally tears came out directly. Now… Later I found out that Yangyang wanted to eat but couldn’t. Yangyang’s mother said: “Don’t persuade him to eat it. He has been coughing all the time recently, and after eating a little more at night, the coughing can’t be good. I ate a chicken leg last night. I had a cough several times in the middle of the night, and I had a cough and a fever. I didn’t see how the whole family was tossed at night. So when I came here, I told me all the way, and I definitely can’t eat it today.” Yangyang’s mother does not understand Chinese medicine. Regarding the effect of the food she eats on her cough, she has observed it from Yangyang’s body in the past few days. Although it is a bit cruel for this child who is usually greedy for meat, it is a bit cruel to not eat hot pot, but it does make sense. The baby eats a lot, and the middle focus is heavy, and it is easy to accumulate food and heat. Food accumulation means that the food eaten is greater than the body can digest and absorb, and the excess food accumulates. This accumulation will, on the one hand, concentrate more qi, blood and body fluids to process it, and this accumulation of qi and blood will generate heat. On the other hand, accumulated food will ferment, and this fermentation process will also generate heat. The heat in this part of the middle burner always finds a way to escape from the body, fumigating to the upper burner, affecting the lungs, and coughing. Eat too much and the parts that cannot be digested will easily become phlegm-dampness. At first, some waste water and garbage in the body could not be discharged out, forming a small-scale blockage. Later, a lot of body fluid was consumed, and the blockage became larger and larger, and even affected the circulation of Qi and blood. Then our body has to work hard to expel this phlegm, and we will cough. A lot of mothers usually ask: My child often coughs, how can I prevent it? We now know that if we eat too much, it is not easy to digest, and if we eat too much, it may cause a cough. Then we can start from this aspect to avoid this type of cough problem. As soon as we observe that the child is not digesting well, make some dietary adjustments. The first step is to notice when the child has just a little bit of a slight accumulation of food. That is to say, it is necessary to observe the digestion level of the child at all times. indigestion in children is as follows:<1> . The stool is usually once a day, and once in the last two or three days. 2. The stool becomes darker in color, becomes dry and hard, and smells worse than usual. 3. The mouth is breathy and the tongue coating is thicker. 4. Sleep is not solid. It is more difficult to fall asleep at night, and rolls more after falling asleep. 5. The temperature of the palm is obviously higher than that of the back of the hand. 6. The stomach is warmer than the back. The second step is that when these situations arise, we can adjust accordingly. This step is the most important. How to manage food accumulation? These methods decompress the stomachThe child’s spleen and stomach are in the developmental stage, which The food of the day is too delicious. If you don’t pay attention to eating too much, the work pressure of the spleen and stomach will increase, and the food will easily accumulate in the stomach and be difficult to resolve. Especially, if you eat too much meat, it will be difficult to digest. Is there any way to decompress the stomach? Hungry, move, moveWhen there is accumulation of food, you can let the child eat less, especially when he doesn’t want to eat, he can eat a meal first, and at the same time, he should increase the amount of exercise. It is suggested that parents can search for a few more indoor parent-child sports games on the Internet, so that children can exercise while playing. When the body moves and the mood is happy, the body can better deal with the stagnation. Several massages to help digestion1. Kneading the Panmen< /strong>It is located at the head of the tendon at the root of the first metacarpophalangeal joint. We can find it in this way: on the thenar side of the palm, that is, on the side close to the thumb, repeatedly press and knead it with the thumb, Find a nodule and give the child a gentle rub. When the child has accumulated food, this part will be hard, and when the child has a weak spleen and stomach, this part will be softer , there will even be a relatively small tendon in it. In this case, the child can be rubbed more, because the acupoint of Panmen is still widely used in clinical applications, it can regulate the gastrointestinal function. Qi mechanism, so that the qi in the middle and gastrointestinal tract of the child will rise when it rises, and fall when it should fall. This qi mechanism is smooth, and the originally blocked place can be opened, and many illnesses will not occur. 2. PingganThis acupoint is on the palm of the index finger, from the palm At the joint, that is, the base of the finger is pushed outward to the tip of the finger. 3. Clear stomach The location is on the connection line between the transverse crease of the first metacarpophalangeal joint and the transverse crease of the wrist, on the radial side of the thenar, in the segment of the red and white flesh border, and is pushed from the transverse crease of the wrist to the transverse crease of the metacarpophalangeal joint. 4. Bu Spleen The spleen meridian of the spleen is on the radial side of the thumb, pushing from the end of the finger to the metacarpophalangeal joint. Clearing the stomach can not only clear the stomach fire, but also promote the function of the stomach. Therefore, in clinical practice, for children with peculiar smell in the mouth, we can appropriately increase the number of times, for example, 50 to 100 times.

When the child does not like to eat, in addition to rubbing the door, calming the liver and clearing the stomach It can be relatively less, for example, 30 to 50 times, and the number of spleen nourishing can be more, 50 to 100 times. Tell me about the therapeutic recipe for accumulated foodJiao Sanxian< /span>That is, Jiao Hawthorn, Jiao Divine Comedy, Jiao Malt. Fried food will have a special burnt aroma, according to Chinese medicine<> “Jiaoxiang wakes up the spleen”, it can wake up the spleen and stomach, and promote the operation of the spleen and stomach qi. Hawthorn itself is a particularly useful ingredient for digestion, and children and the elderly often use it when appetizing. The fried burnt hawthorn has less sourness and more burnt bitterness, so the effect of digestion and qi is better. When many people are stewing meat, they are worried that the meat will not be rotten, so they put a few hawthorn in it, and they take the effect that hawthorn can melt meat. Therefore eating a lot of meat and greasy food, hawthorn can be used to help digestion. malt, which is a sprouted wheat seed. Among the five grains, wheat and rice are the most nourishing for the spleen and stomach, and they are the most rustic. The malt contains the qi that springs and flows, which can help to clear the qi of the spleen and stomach. “Compendium of Materia Medica” says that malt digests all rice, noodles and fruit food. For starchy foods, including rice, noodles, potatoes, taro, etc., malt has a good digestion effect. Divine Comedy is a processed product made by mixing whole wheat flour and other medicines (Artemisia annua, Xanthium, Polygonum, almond, Chixiaodou, etc.). All fermented foods have the effect of invigorating the spleen and stomach and helping digestion, and because of the addition of herbs such as Artemisia annua and Polygonum cuspidatum, which can dehumidify the body, the Divine Comedy has a little effect of detoxifying and dehumidifying. Since it is whole wheat flour fermentation, it is also basically used to dissolve the accumulation of rice noodles. Mothers who are familiar with Baohe Pills will know that Baohe Pills actually contain the ingredients of this Jiao Sanxian. The three of them work together, a proper anti-accumulation artifact. There are many dietary treatments for eliminating accumulated food. Just a few of them include white radish water, double bud water, tempeh soup, etc., but I use Jiao Sanxian the most. Because it is more comprehensive, rice area, meat volume, starch volume can be handled, and moisture can also be taken care of. It can basically solve the daily slight accumulation of food. -Homemade “Jiao Sanxian”-【Ingredients】Jiao Shan Hawthorn | 6g, Jiao Malt | 6g span>Jiao Divine Comedy| 6 gramsAppropriate amount of sugar (to increase the taste)[How to do]1. Take Jiao Hawthorn, Jiao Shenqu, Jiao Jiao 6 grams of malt each, soak the herbs in an appropriate amount of water for 20 minutes.

Boil for 20 minutes. 3.you can drink the soup for 3 days, 2~3 times in a row. about. Reminder: Although Jiao Sanxian has good effect, it is basically used for eczema. Or when you have obvious symptoms such as coughing. If you have food accumulation and fever, or the symptoms of food accumulation are very obvious, such as the stool is no longer clear, or it is sticky for several days, or the stomach is very bloated and feels bulging, you may need to consider medication. Upgraded Chicken Inner Golden CrispyFor “eating, indigestible” childrenDecompress the stomach and recharge the spleen and stomach strong>

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Chicken Nei Jin Bo Cui, a medicated snack, has always been a popular item in the Yangpapa mall, and has been loved by many mothers and babies. This time, we have upgraded the previous sucrose-free version and adjusted the recipe: The upgraded chicken inner golden crispy has added Jiao Sanxian to help the belly become more Good for digestion; Red yeast rice is used instead of Divine Comedy, which not only helps the spleen and stomach, but also turns the original beige crispy into beige red, making it more interesting for babies to eat.

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Which children are not recommended to eat chicken inner golden crispy? In addition to the main ingredients of this biscuits are chicken and yam, it also contains several allergenic ingredients such as wheat, eggs and dairy products. If babies or adults are allergic to wheat, eggs, and dairy products, it is recommended not to consume them. In addition, the chicken is crispy and crispy is also needed by many women. Modern women have a lot of stasis caused by their living habits. In summer, I like to eat cold drinks, like to eat cold drinks, and I like to blow air conditioners. The blood stasis caused by the cold evil directly entering the viscera; because the mood is not comfortable, the emotions are affected, and the blood stasis caused by liver stagnation and qi stagnation…< /span>The specific problem is dysmenorrhea, which will not be relieved until a large amount of menstrual blood is drained. There are breast nodules, hyperplasia, uterine polyps and so on. If you follow the ideas of Zhang Xichun, a famous doctor in the Qing Dynasty, if you insist on eating some chicken inner gold for a long time and take it for a long time, it may also be able to prevent and dissolve. Therefore, this chicken is not only suitable for babies, but also adults can eat it.

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—Write at the end—

When the gastrointestinal tract of a child is clean and unobstructed, it is not easy to accumulate food. Prevention is so simple, don’t just watch it, do it!

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